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Hamas’s forever war against Israel has a glitch, and it isn’t Iron Dome by Haviv Rettig Gur

ap21141308830386-e1621598302743-1024x640.png Why Hamas promises another war soon, and another and another. And why it won’t work ...
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IDF chief of staff criticizes ICC war crimes probe of Israel by JP Staff

469174.png "I am responsible for the order to open fire," said IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kohavi. "You are not alone and will not be alone." ...
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How much did PA spend on terror salaries in 2020? by Maurice Hirsch,Itamar Marcus,Nan Jacques Zilberdik

2020-salaries1.png 3.25% of the PA’s 2020 budget paid salaries to terrorist prisoners and released prisoners. ...
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The battle over BDS – trends, lessons, and future trajectories by Asher Fredman

.. it is becoming increasingly clear that the counter-BDS network is succeeding in disrupting BDS momentum and forcing the BDS movement out of its comfort zone ... ...
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ICC prosecutor again refuses 2010 Gaza flotilla raid probe by Mike Corder

The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court on Monday again refused to open an investigation into the 2010 storming by Israeli forces of an aid flotilla heading to the Gaza strip. ...
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