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ICJS Research (Issues of Concern for Justice & Society) formed to express the concerns of Australian citizens about a broad range of issues such as terrorism, appeasement, tolerance, war and justice in society. We note that these issues are not debated in the media, and where they are dealt with it is often done in an imbalanced manner. We struggle to redress imbalance in the media.


Issues of Concern for Justice and Society was formed to address the growing rift between the intelligentsia and the public. The views of the intelligentsia are on the one hand well represented in the mainstream media, whilst the views of the public are to be found ever more vocally on the internet. Initially founders of ICJS saw this manifested in the way the ABC reported on matters in Israel. In 2009 the issues are much broader: the general inability / denial / refusal of the intelligentsia to deal with moral issues and the future of Western values.

We represent a broad spectrum of individuals who wish to raise the level of debate and awareness of the issues concerning the future of our Western Judaeo-Christian culture. Truth, integrity and moral clarity are the guiding principles of our group.

We oppose all forms of racism. We believe in a tolerant democratic society where all minorities are allowed to practise religion freely. However we do not support actions of minorities which seek to impose restrictions on free discussion of ideas. Free discussion of ideas is fundamental to the health of a society.