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Khalil Eideh

For those readers who asked to see Mr Eideh's public statements, here they are. Please note that the JCCV - together with ECAJ and ADC - obtained these statements following negotiations with the Premier’s Office and Mr Eideh. (click on the links to download PDFs)

Khalil Eideh statement 02 August 06

Khalil Eideh statement 13 June 06

Please give feedback here on the website, and/or to Michael Danby, and/or to Helen Shardey as to whether these statements are adequately persuasive. Should he be in the Victorian Parliament?

A quote from Mr Eideh from well BEFORE the recent Israel-Hizbollah war:

Satan brigades from around the world are getting ready to enslave the Arab world. We can see your [the late President Assad's] soul shining in the faces of Arab heroes and martyrs who are the conscience of the nation and the carriers of dawn flags coming from the south of Lebanon and Palestine."

It appears that Khalil Eideh was once a terrorist sympathiser. In light of current politics in Lebanon, where you have Hezbulla candidates integrated into the Government, do we really want former terrorist sympathisers here in our Parliaments?

Back in June/July when this issue originally surfaced Mr Eideh met with community leaders and told them that he supported "democracy" and "multiculturalism", and he was totally opposed to "terrorism". He should be pressed on the meanings of these concepts.


Does he believe that because Hamas was democratically elected it has the right to implement all its policies? Including those policies which involve acting against (ie destroying) a neighboring sovereign state?


And does he oppose terrorism simply because no-one standing for office dare say otherwise? Perhaps he believes that Hezbolla firing rockets at civilians is not an act of terrorism?

These questions are raised here because Mr Eideh has expressed views in the past which beg to be answered clearly and without doublespeak. We have seen all too recently how Hezbollah (whose support base is Southern Lebanon) has rendered Lebanon's government impotent, paralysed like some parasites do to their hosts without quite killing them.

Western Governments are already too paralysed to act decisively. We don't need to add to their problems. Helen Shardey has been raising this issue on her own blog, but we believe issues of terrorism go beyond party politics, which is why this has been raised.

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