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An open letter to Jimmy Carter

To Mr. Carter

 I am an Arab Muslim and a Reformer of Islam.

I really need to ask you one question....Why do you blame the Jews for dreaming about returning to their home land while you do not blame the  Muslims for dreaming about killing all Jews (as they always preach in  their Arabic media and Mosques) 

 Most Muslims including the Palestinians promote that any one who converts from Islam should be killed, women should be beaten up to discipline them, Muslims have to declare wars on Non Muslims to  subjugate them to Islam....I wonder.. if you really care about Human  Rights why do not you criticise such Muslims instead of criticising  the only country in the middle east that respect such values of  religious rights and women rights?

 I am a Muslim and if I converted to another religion I will be killed  by those Palestinians who you support but I will have my full freedom  to choose my religion in Israel.....I wonder who do you need to  support is it the Palestinians who have no basic respect for the  values of religious and women rights or Israel that respects such rights?

 If some one is a gay he will be killed by your Palestinian friends but  his rights to live as a human being will be respected in  Israel......please tell me, if you really care about human  rights...who should you support....the Palestinians or Israel?

 I Can now understand why the Jews always dreamed about returning to  their home is partially because people like yourself  criticise them unfairly for any problem and this makes them always feel afraid of the world around them.....the Palestinians were killing  Jewish civilians on daily bases yet you blame the Jews for building a  wall to protect themselves and their children!

 You criticised Israel that allows Mosques to be built on its land  while you neither criticised the Muslims who burnt the Jewish  Synagogues in Gaza nor the Saudi system for not allowing Synagogues or  Churches on its land.

As far as I know, you even criticised Salaman Rushdie for criticising  Islam and for being "insensitive" to Muslim believes by writing a  Novel called Satanic verses, while I have not heard you once  criticising Muslims for insulting the Jews by calling them pigs and  Monkeys regularly in their Mosques or for promoting killing all of the  Jews by the hands of Muslims.

 It seems that you can only criticise others only if they are Jews!

 I wish if I have seen you criticising the Islamic Groups in Algeria  for killing more than hundred and fifty thousand innocent civilians in  Algeria since 1992, for butchering infants and children in front of  their parents, and for burning the faces of women for not wearing the  Hejab with the same passion you used to criticise the only country in  the Middle East that respects the value of life of human beings.

 My question to you is Do you consider the Jews human beings who have the right to defend themselves as others do, or not?

The Arabs who live under full Jewish control certainly enjoy much  better standards than the Palestinians who are ruled by Palestinians.

 Mr. Carter ,If Israel was an Apartheid stateas you mentioned in your  book please tell me why the Arabs who live in Israel do not escape  from it to go to their Arab counterparts to enjoy equality and freedom!!!!!!!!!!! Or in other words why do we see the queues of the  Palestinians on the borders directed toward Israel while we have not  seen the Israeli Arabs standing in queues to go to their neighbouring  Arab countries to escape from the "Apartheid" state of Israel!!!!!!!!!

If Israel was an Apartheid state we would have seen the opposite happening.

 I ask you to re-evaluate your book and I am more than happy to discuss  this issue with you further if you are interested.

 From Dr. T. Hamid M.D.

 An Arab Muslim and a Reformer of Islam


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