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Missing Israeli in New Zealand





The Family of Liat Okin-Tass is asking for the community's help in finding Liat who has now been missing for three weeks in New Zealand.


Liat travelled to New Zealand at the beginning of January 2008 and her contact was with her family when she informed them on 25 March that she would be journeying to the Routburn track near Queenstown for three to four days. 

Since then, Liat has failed to make any contact with her family. 


Her brother has since travelled to New Zealand to assist with the search by the local police and a group of volunteers.  The search for Liat has already lasted over two weeks and now her family are required to raise funds in order to ensure it continues.


Two funds have now been set up by Liat's family and are available now to donate to. The money raised will be used to fund Liat's search.


Here is a link to one of the many news sites who published the story:


1: Fund setup by Liat's family:

"תרומות לאיתור וחילוץ ליאת" 12-686- 515155 בבנק הפועלים

Bank Hapoalim 12

Fund to locate and rescue of Liat

Branch ID:            686

Account Number: 515155


"The association for locating and rescuing backpackers on the name of Barak Rodevski"

Receipt Available for the donation.

 "עמותה לאיתור וחילוץ תרמילאים ע"ש ברק רודבסקי"

12-615-110286 בבנק הפועלים

Bank Hapoaalim   12

Branch ID:            615

Account Number: 110286










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