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JJAC Mobilizes the BBC to Focus on Jewish Refugees

In response to Justice for Jews from Arab Countries' upcoming international Congress in London, England (Wednesday, June 23-25, 2008), and the hearing that will take place in the British Parliament on Jewish refugees from Arab countries, the BBC will be hosting a call-in radio show entitled: "Justice for Jewish Refugees?"

This show will be broadcast on the "World Have Your Say" show live on BBC World Service Radio. Representing JJAC will be David Matas, Chairman of the Legal Committee of JJAC who will be featured in an interview on the show.

Persons wanting to contact BBC and make their voices heard in support of the rights of Jewish refugees from Arab countries can visit the official Website of this BBC radio show here. On that site is a link to listen to the show which will broadcast call-in numbers. There is also an official BBC blog where comments can be made.

Justice for Jews from Arab Countries
(JJAC) is an international coalition of major Jewish communal organizations operating to ensure that justice for Jews from Arab countries assumes its rightful place on the international political agenda and that their rights be secured as a matter of law and equity.

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