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Nariman House, not Taj, was the prime target on 26/11

Think 26/11, and images of the carnage at the Taj come to mind. But the terrorists themselves were in no doubt that Nariman House was the prime focus. For this was the place which housed a Jewish centre, and the fanatics from Pakistan were clear that they wanted to send a message to the world from there.

The Mumbai crime branch, which is investigating the terror attacks, has found that the terrorists’ handlers in Pakistan were clear this operation should not fail under any circumstances. The rest of the operations — at the Taj, Oberoi and Chhattrapati Shivaji Terminus — were intended to amplify the effect.

A senior police official, told DNA on condition of anonymity, that the interrogation of Mohammed Amir Iman Ajmal (aka Kasab) revealed as much. Just before entering the city, the terrorists’ team leader, Ismail Khan, briefed them once again about their targets. “But Khan briefed Imran Babar, alias Abu Akasha, and Nasir, alias Abu Umer, intensely on what to do at Nariman House,” the officer said.

When asked during interrogation why Nariman House was specifically targetted, Ajmal reportedly told the police they wanted to sent a message to Jews across the world by attacking the ultra orthodox synagogue.

According to the statement by Ajmal, Khan told Babar and Nasir that even if the others failed in their operation, they both could not afford to. “The Nariman House operation has to be a success,” the officer said, quoting from Ajmal’s statement.

“Khan also said that as far as Nariman House was concerned, there should not be even a minimal glitch in finding it and capturing it,” the officer quoted Ajmal as saying.

After the dinghy carrying the 10 terrorists reached Mumbai at the Macchimar colony opposite Badhwar Park in Cuffe Parade, it was decided that no bombs would be planted in the taxi to be used to reach Nariman House.

“The idea,” according to the police officer, “was that if Babar and Nasir got delayed in locating and entering Nariman House, the bomb in the taxi may explode even before they entered their target.”

The officer further quoted Ajmal’s confession as indicating the Nariman House killers may have either lost their way or took their time entering the building to avoid failure.  The dinghy reached Cuffe Parade around 8.30pm, but Babar and Nasir entered  Nariman House at around 10pm. This means they took around one- and-a-half hour to locate and enter Nariman House,” the officer said.  Anyone who knows Colaba would have got there in 15-20 minutes.

Another aspect which indicates that the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) did not want the Nariman House operation to fail was Fahim Ansari’s revelation to the crime branch. Ansari, who was arrested for his alleged involvement in the bomb blasts at a CRPF camp in Lucknow in January last year, told the police that Nariman House was also surveyed by him last year. Interestingly, Ansari did not reveal this detail when he was arrested by the Uttar Pradesh police in February last year.

“Ansari told us that he did not divulge this information earlier because it would have jeopardised the most important operation of the LeT. He had also been warned by the LeT that Nariman House was their most secret operation and must not be compromised at any cost,” the officer said.

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This is the perfect way to break down this information.

Posted on 2012-01-08 22:41:17 GMT

In my opinion, only long term education in religious tolerance in Muslim countries will make a difference.  When madrassas preach hatred towards Jews and Israel, and when this is insified by peer pressure, the result is the trafedy in Mumbai and numerous protests against Israel and Judaism as seen in recent days, by Muslims who are half a world away from the Gaza conflict.  Think about that.  Who protests from such distances when Ireland goes after the NRA? or when Spain destroys a Basque military operation? Or when Sri Lanka takes operations against the Tamil Tigers

Posted by Arthur on 2009-01-08 09:15:53 GMT

This does not make sense. The terrorists who infiltrated by sea went on the attack immediately, but the butchers in Nariman House were reported to have visited there. As well, the terrorists who attacked the Taj were supposed to have prepared rooms to store arms and reconnoitered the place. While it is undeniable that a special effort was made to strike against Jews - a lesson that Jewish antisemites and Jewish far lefties refuse to learn - it also seems that there was a bigger than admitted attack by Pakistani agents on India than is commonly admitted. The next USA President will have to put down not only with a soon to be nuclear Iran, but a nuclear Pakistan. That it has got so far is a tribute to USA State"s incompetence: it should not have interfered with India"s wars against Pakistan, that way Pakistan would not be a terrorist epicentre against Jews and Hindus nor would Iran the world"s terrorist pay master not now be going nuclear.

Posted by paul2 on 2009-01-07 12:42:19 GMT

I"d already noticed this horrifying admission posted on Jihad Watch

Posted by Gabrielle on 2009-01-07 01:45:45 GMT