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The Media Collude in Terrorist Crimes against Humanity

The Hamas War is now beginning to look like a ritual Kabuki play. We know all the moves -- all we can do is watch how well the actors play out their well-worn moves.

Except that this is not a play, and real lives are being lost.

The key is not the terrorists. They are stuck in their ways. The real key is the international media --- who are hardly neutral observers as they like to pretend. The international leftist media are essential players in this melodrama.

Put it this way -- do you really think that the Arab civilians in Gaza are volunteering to be human shields for Hamas? Some of the biggest fanatics, maybe -- but how many of Gaza's 1.4 million civilians are really prepared to die, along with their families, when Israel inevitably retaliates against thousands of Hamas rockets? How many Gaza Arabs care less for their children than for their masters? How many would flee from Gaza if Hamas let them?

According to Ynet, Hamas gunmen forced Palestinian civilians at gunpoint to go back to their homes. 
At a recent anniversary bash for Hamastan, 250,000 Gaza residents showed up. Khaled Abu Toameh, a rare voice of reason in the Palestinian universe, argues that Gazans still support Hamas.  But more than a million Gazans didn't turn out to cheer the regime on its birthday. The number of Gazans who didn't celebrate Hamas would seem to be at least as important as those who did. Maybe, just maybe they are not so ready to sacrifice their children for an empty promise of paradise.

Arab governments are now speaking out against Hamas -- including Egypt's President Mubarak, the PA's Mahmoud Abbas and the Saudis. Those are very big names in the Arab world. They see the sacrifice of Arab civilians as useless, as it obviously is. Even an Iranian newspaper had the guts to criticize Hamas --- and was immediately shut down for it.

It was just reported that Gaza City hospital received Arab beheading victims -- not exactly Israel's way of making war.   Hamas has been reported to be butchering and breaking the hands of Fatah supporters in Gaza. How many of them were civilians, killed just because they wanted to escape? Remember how Saddam Hussein cut off the tongues of his own bureaucrats, to terrorize them before the American invasion. That's what Hamas is doing right now in Gaza.

The media tell to us that the Arabs of Hamastan are voluntary martyrs -- but remember how CNN told us how beloved Saddam Hussein was, just days before the regime crumbled? And Mookie Al Sadr --- who was also destined to beat the Americans? And the Taliban? CNN and BBC told us that those dictator types were invincible because their people loved them. They all lost miserably. CNN's Baghdad editor confessed his personal complicity with Saddam only after the bloody Butcher of Baghdad was overthrown.  

In fact, it is the media themselves who are criminally complicit in the internment of Gaza's civilians in the line of fire. They could stop the terrorists simply by headlining Hamas' responsibility for the plight of the Arabs of Gaza, over and over again. That's the real story --- if only they could headline the facts right in front of their eyes.  But they don't.

That shows us the real values of CNN and BBC; morally they are no better than the terrorists. The media are essential to the Kabuki play of terror, response, and renewed terror. They are constantly fanning the flames.

So when the media and the Left predictably demand Israeli appeasement of Hamas, let's just ask them: where is your compassion for the Arab victims of a jihadist internment camp called Gaza? How much longer do you want civilians to be turned into the bloody victims of the terrorist publicity machine?

The next time you turn on CNN, remember that you are looking at smiling faces that knowingly collude in the deaths of civilians, both Jews and Arabs. Without the leftist media there is no payoff for terrorists. Shut off the oxygen of publicity and Hamas shrivels to a powerless gang of thugs.

The media-terrorist collusion is completely symbiotic -- they are both essential for the drama to work. Separate the terrorists from the media, and you have heat without oxygen -- no explosion.

The simple fact is that we are seeing repeated crimes against humanity, an endless collusion between the terror masters and the dominant media, resulting in a reign of terror that blights the lives of millions of people and kills unforgiveable numbers, both in Israel and its neighbors.

Media + terrorism = death and destruction.

Maybe we can't change the terrorists, but Americans can hold their media responsible.

It's time to choke off their supply of oxygen.

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The media is being manipulated and has been for years. Hamas has instinctively known the importance of such manipulation. Jews have been dehumanised and changed in to "pigs" or other, and any harm to Palestinians has been and is being grossly exaggerated where possible. As is known when lies are continuously repeated, they grow in to believable stereotypes. This media war has to be fought by the Israelis and those Jews around the world with various expertise such as journalism, law e.t.c. There ought to be a special department of this set up by Israeli authorities. Insufficient priority has so far been given to this war. The international media can be influenced by using its greed for suitable "stories". So far suitable stories are coming only from one side.

Posted by Maimon from Oz on 2009-01-12 21:02:09 GMT

The speculation in human life is appauling. Palestinians subscribe to death: And, there is no apparent end to it. The IDF found a map supporting the deliberate use of children to launch operations: I think it"s really up to the Palestinians to stand up to Hamas and demand and actual government - rather than a terrorist regime that provokes war, and warmongers as a matter of religious, idelogical policy. Of course, the world watches and sees Israel bringing misery to Gaza residents. But, few actually scrutinize the manipulations and rehearsed scenes made to shape our opinions, and break opur hearts: A little boy, ostensibly shot by Israeli"s is filmed by his bigger brother. In a scene where CPR is obviously already too late, but being administered, and a funeral where women attend, and where emotions seem dulled and directed for the camera, we are played, quite possibly on both ends. All the time, a poor and impoverished people, with no where to flee, are set upon, and held at gunpoint, by a radical regime that the world tolerates publically, hates privately, and makes no effort to dislodge.

Posted by Brian_007 on 2009-01-12 12:08:01 GMT