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Was there a flourishing Palestine society before Israel?

Too many writers on ME conflict base their ideas on the premise that there was a flourishing Arab society in Palestine that was destroyed by the creation of Israel.

However, there were 200,000 Arabs here in 1830, and conditions were very bad, just as in every other part of the Ottoman Empire.

Conditions improved after 1832 when Mohamed Ali permitted infidels to buy land since he wanted European support for his campaign against Turkey. Arabs migrated to Palestine attracted by the prosperity created by Christians building churches, consuls providing law & order and then Jews draining the swamps. There were 600,000 Arabs here when the Mandate started. This grew to 1,200,000 by 1948 due to British policy to encourage Arab immigration so as to thwart Jewish efforts to create a state. Most of these 1.2 m Arabs were new immigrants, 'colonialists' just as the Jews ...... except that we returned to the only land we had ever claimed as ours in 3,000 years. Even the Koran recognises this fact.

There were few Jews here in the 19th and 20th century. However, there were 15 m Jews in the world who had dreamt of Zion for 2,000 years. However, not a single Arab anywhere considered Palestine as his or Holy !

The 1947 partition plan was based on demography. A minority of these 1.2 m Arabs lived in the area allocated to Israel, probably less than 400,000. Of these, 150,000 remained in their homes and became Israeli citizens.  Hence, only 250,000 Arabs fled rather than remain under Israeli rule. The others lived in areas allocated to them, and so cannot claim refugee status since they did not flee foreign rule.

And yet, everyone repeats the claim that there were 750,000 Arab refugees in 1948 ....... but ignore the 1 m Jews expelled from Arab states.

No one mentions the populations of the countries involved in the conflict. It can be presumed that today's readers do not know that there were only 600,000 Jews here in 1948 and they had no army or weapons since the Brits had confiscated all Jewish arms.

My own grandchildren cannot grasp this!

There were about 100 m Arabs in the countries around Israel who attacked in 1948. With those odds, it should have taken them only a few weeks to drive all the Jews into the sea.

And everyone accepts that they had a right to attack Israel !

This was a war of aggression that has not yet ended. Israel has a right to defend itself and to expect compensation, in cash and/or territory.

The odds were worse in 1967!

Russia had flooded Egypt and Syria with weapons after the 1956 fiasco while there was still a very effective arms embargo on Israeli.

Israel had grown from 600,000 in 1948 to 3 m in 1967. Homes, jobs etc had to be created for all these people. Just imagine the chaos in any other country if the population suddenly tripled ! No country today is able to create even a few new jobs for their unemployed.

It is an insult to human intelligence to claim that 6 m Jews are a threat to 1,500 m Muslims who are supported by the rest of the world that depends on their oil.

And finally, UN resolutions are treated as if they are based on justice without considering the number of Muslim and Jewish states involved.


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I lived outside Gaza City in the 1960"s and speak authoritatively as an eyewitness. Arabs there (they hadn"t yet begun to call themselves "Palestineans") lived in horrid conditions under Egyptian rule. They had no potable water, no sewage treatment, no public health. They died of cholera like flies; infant mortality rates were very high. The children were barefoot in the dust (I saw all this myself!), there was little electricity, no telephone service, no education system. Israel improved all of this dramatically! This is precisely why the population there exploded under Israeli rule! Now that they are under Arab rule again, conditions are unbearable again. Surprise! In the past century, Arabs from surrounding lands CAME to Israel to seek jobs in the economy that the Jews were building. Now, they claim to have been here forever! The thing to be wary of is the re-writing of history... and to many loonies are just too happy to write it... to read it.. and to believe it.

Posted on 2009-08-05 15:45:11 GMT

Thanks for these simply stated facts. What "cons" have been perpetuated/are being perpetuated world-wide.

Posted by Anna on 2009-08-04 11:27:54 GMT

What happened to the Mufti Palestinian State declared in 1948?

Posted by Hector on 2009-07-23 05:04:37 GMT

Irgun and Stern gang helped liberate Israel from the British...of course it rings bells. While the British were helping disarm the Jews and arm the ARabs against the Jews...the Jews didn"t just lay down and die Brett H! Much as the British might have liked that! Sorry.

Posted by Ronit on 2009-07-21 17:26:57 GMT

Mark Twain, Innocents Abroad or The New Pilgrims Progress, 1910, supports the lack of a flourishing Arab society.

Posted by danny on 2009-07-21 07:00:52 GMT