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LADY KARKAR: Palestinian group plots Aust. Open disruption

ICJS want to point out that the Martin Pakula who commented on this article (see below) is NOT the same person as the current Minister for Industry who is also names Martin Pakula! ICJS apologises for any confusion created over this matter

LADY GA-GA KARKAR: Palestinian group plots Australian Open disruption

(Vex news: original article )

The wife of a wealthy Melbourne barrister, Sonja Karkar and her pro-terror Palestinian front group “Australians for Palestine” is planning to disrupt the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne. VEXNEWS understands that Victoria Police have been alerted to the disruption plans.

Karkar’s group has gone completely ga-ga because an Israeli (read Jew) athlete Shahar Peer has entered the tournament. They plan to terrorise and intimidate Peer in an orchestrated campaign of disruption.

Her website ominously encourages members of her pro-terrorist group to attend any game played by Shahar Peer:

The Australian Open begins on Monday 18 January 2010 and runs for two weeks. Shahar Peer will be playing in the first round and as soon as we know the date and time of her match, we will post the details. 

An email sent by Karkar makes her intentions perfectly clear:


VEXNEWS understands from a well-placed source that Karkar’s group plans to smuggle whistles and other noise-making devices into the tennis centre. They will not necessarily all be sitting in one group. In addition they will attempt to bring in a large banner to unfurl attacking the young woman and her country. These non-violent terrorist tactics are clearly calculated at distracting and discouraging Shaheer Peer from playing the sport at the elite level.

Left-wing sources have been told that they can expect a free pass to be organised by them, giving rise to the suspicion that the wealthy lady Karkar is financing the tennis terror campaign. She is married to one of Melbourne’s most accomplished commercial barristers.

The bejewelled, heavily made-up activist is affronted at the mere presence of an Israeli athlete at the Australian Open and has judged her to be responsible for what ails the upper class protester.

The ginger group Australians for Palestine have displayed posters that include a photograph of Shahar Peer in Israeli military uniform without explaining that all Israelis are required to serve in the Israeli Defence Forces, a situation made necessary by being surrounded by those wishing to obliterate the Middle East’s only true liberal democracy.

Karkar’s attack is nothing less than organised racism, she pronounces:

Although Shahar Peer has been asked to step away from promoting Israel, she already made her choice to serve Israel when she agreed to become an Israeli army poster girl.

Her group disingenously claims Israel is an “apartheid” state, despite Israel being one of the most ethnically diverse and inclusive societies on Earth. And uses that false claim to justify a “sports boycott.”


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Posted by Jacob Mandelblum on 2010-01-19 14:40:47 GMT

There is anti-discrimination legislation on the books in Vic., designed to prevent intimidation, humiliation, etc on various grounds. Karkar is inciting, funding, conspiring and participating in various breaches of the laws. Why are officials fuming instead of acting? Why are various Jewish bodies in Vic sitting on their hands instead of hauling Karkar before a tribunal?

Posted by paul2 on 2010-01-19 14:18:37 GMT

What this Mr. PAKULA states is plainly stupid and ridiculous, actually equivalent to scratching your left ear with your right hand or viceversa, either through the front or the back of your head, as this player is not representing ISRAEL in the tournament but she just happens to be Israeli and so, may I ask what right does this SONJA KAKER or whatever her name might be and her cohorts to disrupt a game on account of their JUDEOPHOBY, which is precisely what this amounts to ?? Besides the fact that I don"t believe it is fair to allow anybody to transplant the Middle East conflict to Australia and this people should be handled with all the sterness the law allows, as this is nothing but a malicious distortion of the freedoms of expression... I guess Muslims and their sympatizers have been allowed to get away with murder and it is time already to put a stop to this nonsense as stated by the PM"s words, they either shape up or ship out... Just as simple as that...

Posted by Jacob Mandelblum on 2010-01-19 10:49:57 GMT

It is up to the Intntl. Tennis Federation and local authorities to protect the Israeli player and to impede any such actions, as no one has the right to transfer the Middle East conflict to Australia and the Prime Minister made very clear his feelings about the behavior of Muslims in Australia, which concerns Palis as well Seems this woman believes that, since her husband is a very wealthy (and therefore influential) person, she can pull any crap she wants and that is why I say it is up to the organization and the authorities to impede this kind of actions that have absolutely nothing to do with the tennis tournament.. But I guess the local Jews should warn the tennis people and the authorities that they either take action or they will take action themselves and risk the consequences regardless since, as taxpayers, they demand their rights and, if the authorities are what they are supposed to be, I don"t believe they"ll risk a free for all at the tournament.. I guess time is already pasee for allowing this kind of crap to happen, not only in Australia but in good old USMA (M for Muslim) university campuses, in which lecturers and speaking guests are at the mercy of what lefties and Muslim organizations allow... Father used to tell us that when the Warsaw students went out in a Judeophobic rampage as they used to, there was one section none dared enter, as they knew they wouldn"t come out alive : The Jewish porters quarter, people so strong that Ripley"s Believe it or Not once stated they were able to carry a vertical piano on their backs up a flight of stairs to a fifth floor... Wouldn"t you say it is time to affirm once and for all that the Ghetto mentality went out the smoke stacks of the crematoriums ?? Or does anybody still believe Medinat Israel would exist nowadays if it had waited for the accursed British to turn Palestine to us, BALFOUR declaration and all ?? SURE : IN A PIG"s EYE

Posted by Jacob Mandelbaum on 2010-01-19 04:33:00 GMT

I want to point out that the Martin Pakula who commented on this article (see below) is NOT the same person as the current Minister for Industry who is also named Martin Pakula! ICJS apologises for any confusion created over this matter

Posted by Ralph Zwier on 2010-01-19 01:12:06 GMT

Anyone who doubts that Karkar and her group are involved in an activity that is anything but racist should consider the following: There once was a website known as ZioPedia (now transmogrified into "Rebel News") which the Australian Anti-Defamation League (ADL) described as “highly anti Semitic”. Haaretz described it as “virulently anti Semitic” and even Google described it as “racially intolerant”. ADL New York said it is “a well-known forum for anti-Semitic views.” Holocaust denier Fredrick Toben endorsed the site as did Sonja Karkar who was quoted on ZIoPedia as follows: “… very well done and a great resource”. So how does Karkar defend herself against charges that she is an anti Semite? "Standing up for Palestinian human rights is not anti-Semitic because the Palestinians are also a Semitic people." This fraudulent defence went out with button up boots but if only it were true that she is "standing up for Palestinian human rights". What she and her AFP cohorts are doing is attempting to deligitimise and dehumanise the Israeli people and deny the Jewish people their right to self-determination. And she"s doing it with the help of the lunitic extremes of politics - the left and the right.

Posted by Wilbur Post on 2010-01-18 20:51:53 GMT

I hope the Australian sporting authorities blast them out of the court.

Posted by Davidjohn on 2010-01-18 15:35:22 GMT

No explanation for Shahar Peer wearing an IDF uniform needs to be given. Peer is not representing Israel; she is an Israeli competitor in a sporting event. That is the difference between protesting against Peer and the protest decades ago against the Springboks. Even if Australia is a country where free speech is guaranteed, it must not be used recklessly or maliciously. A silent vigil, even with placards, is acceptable. Disrupting a game of tennis and thus affecting the outcomes of Peer and her competitors, is not acceptable. And for that matter, we need to ensure that everyone can think what they like, but openly expressing lies is forbidden and punished, because it forms defamation, humiliation and incitement.

Posted by paul2 on 2010-01-18 11:51:58 GMT

I respectfully disagree with Mr Martin Pakula on this. We used the term "non-violent terrorist" quite deliberately to describe Karkar's disgraceful plans to disrupt a tennis match from the crowd. This goes well beyond a mere protest out to the front of a building or whatever, this is nothing less than an attempt to disrupt tennis matches where an Israeli sportswoman is playing. They"re not protesting anything she"s actually done either, just her nationality. It is plainly despicable. What Karkar has planned is not legitimate nor is it lawful protest, by any reasonable measure. "Terror" comes from the Latin "terrere" meaning "to frighten" which is exactly what these people have in mind. We hope the authorities are ready to deal with what threatens to be a serious disruption of one of Australia's great sporting tournaments. We should protect our sporting guests from racist and disgraceful attacks calculating to do nothing less than terrorise their targets.

Posted by Andrew Landeryou - Editor VEXNEWS on 2010-01-18 11:38:45 GMT

While I very much don"t like what Sonja Karkar is planning to do at the Australian Open I think it is ludicrous to call such action "terrorist tactics". This is a free country where people are allowed to protest. Clearly it is an inappropriate time and place to protest and most Australians will accordingly view such protest with distaste.

Posted by Martin Pakula - (not the current Minister Pakula) on 2010-01-18 05:08:13 GMT