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Why can't this country follow Israel’s lead?

EXCUSE me for not sending flowers to the funeral of the terrorist the Israelis bumped off in Dubai. Unlike the bleeding hearts in the liberal media I’m not shedding any tears.

As military chief of terrorist group Hamas, Mahmoud al Mabhouh had the blood of many Israeli soldiers and civilians on his hands. He was in charge of smuggling rockets and grenades into the Gaza Strip so his murderous gangs could lob them into Israel. 

He could hardly complain when a hit squad from Mossad, the Israeli security service, brought his life to a swift end. To say he had it coming is an understatement. 

So why such a fuss about his execution? Why has the Foreign office twisted the arm of the Israeli ambassador? And possibly the most crucial question of all: whose side are we on, the terrorists or those with the courage to stand up to them? 

The Israelis don’t mess about, they don’t sit back and take it. You kill one of them and they will kill you. And afterwards they won’t explain, they won’t apologise, they won’t even deny it.

WORLD opinion means nothing – what ever London, Washington or Damascus may say the Israelis are convinced that they are right. An eye for an eye is the most basic concept of natural justice, dating back 4,000 years to Babylonian times and is promoted three times in the old Testament. Even in the New Testament Jesus says: Those who take up the sword shall die by the sword. 

Did Mahmoud al-Mabhouh reflect on that as he checked in to room 230 at his posh hotel in Dubai? He was the man behind the kidnapping and killing of two Israel soldiers 21 years ago; he had been smuggling arms into the Gaza Strip; he was believed to be in Dubai to buy more weapons from an Iranian dealer. If  Mossad agents came to call they were hardly there to inquire after his health. 

Unlike Britain, Israel doesn’t tolerate an enemy within. It doesn’t give those who hate them free housing and welfare handouts. It doesn’t let the right of free speech enable them to preach murder on its streets. 

Retribution is a vital part of Israel’s psyche. After the Second World War the Israelis spent half a century tracking down evil Nazis. When Israeli athletes were murdered at the 1972 olympics their Palestinian killers were hunted around the world and eliminated: one by a bomb in his bed, another by a booby-trapped phone. 

Who can forget the electrifying raid on Entebbe in 1976 when Israeli special forces stormed a hijacked airliner, killed the terrorists and freed all but three of the hostages? It was a salutary lesson to the world. 

You’d think that Britain of all countries would understand the need to pull no punches with those who have sworn to be your enemies. That’s what the SAS did in Northern  Ireland for more than 30 years, taking out IRA members before they could perpetrate further  outrages. It is what our special forces did in Iraq and are doubtless doing in Afghanistan. 

It is what the SAS should be doing today in Somalia, where British yacht couple Paul and Rachel Chandler are being held by pirates. Can you imagine the Israelis allowing two of their people to suffer so long in some fly-blown African hellhole? 

Israel has no reason to be ashamed of its actions. As  Foreign Minister Avigdor  Lieberman points out: “our security activity is conducted according to the very clear, very cautious and responsible rules of the game.” rule No 1 of course in any security activity is kill or be killed. 

Where Britain has a right to be upset, however, is the way the Israelis have carried out ID theft on the passports of six of our citizens. It’s not the first time they’ve done it and last time they promised they wouldn’t do it again. 

One Foreign office source says Britain could cut ties with Mossad if the Israelis have been “found to be acting against British interests”. You might think executing the would terrorist might be precisely in our interests but the career diplomats take a loftier view. 

Gordon Brown says Israel has questions to answer about nicking our passports but the implication is that Britain wouldn’t be in the least bit put out if the Israeli hit squad had used fake documents from Libya, Japan, Peru – in fact anywhere other than Britain. 

BROWN even has the cheek to spout that “a British passport is an important part of being  British”. This from a Prime Minister whose policy was to welcome millions of immigrants so he could socially engineer the country to be less British and more likely to vote Labour. 

We should take no lessons either from the BBC, which for too long refused to call Hamas suicide bombers “terrorists” and hid behind weasel words like “radicals” and “militants”. Its anti-Israel bias is clear today when BBC News pontificates that Israel “may have scored a costly own goal” by using  British identities for what it calls “nefarious activities”. 

Make no mistake, I think a British passport is the most valuable document in the world and I don’t like it being used to gain illegal entry to another country. But my top priority will always be security and the world is undoubtedly more secure now Hamas has lost another murderer from its ranks. 


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Mervyn: Israel didn"t let Gilad Schalit languish, unless you are of the view that Israel should let loose a bunch of Mabhouh clones to kill other Jews, in order to secure his release. That was a snide, underhanded and disingenuous comment on your part.

Posted by Eric on 2010-02-24 17:04:08 GMT

Let"s hear more from Chris Roycroft-Davis and the What a breath of fresh air.

Posted by Ruth on 2010-02-23 12:32:55 GMT

Roberta may have a point regarding the radicalisation of the mohammedan masses. Bat Ye"or has observed that in times of stress, mohammedans retreat into atavism. My point was that if there is no progressive leadership, there will be no peace. At some point a Sadat of a Hussein msut emerge to lead a people to a peace however cold that might be, a leader who can afce down jihadis like the Moslem Brotherhood.

Posted by paul2 on 2010-02-23 03:23:04 GMT

I question Paul"s conclusion that possibly genuine peace partners might emerge if the top tier terrorists get eliminated. Arab society is saturated with unending hatred of Israel and Jews. Even if moderate Arabs try to oppose this cycle, they endanger themselves. To quote Gary Bauer, "If peace talks brought peace, the ME would be the most peaceful place on Earth." There will be no real peace for generations to come, if ever. Israel must protect itself, every way possible.

Posted by Roberta on 2010-02-22 22:30:33 GMT

First and foremost, there is yet no proof that Mossad terminated Mabhouh. If it did, congratulations to it for finally resuming what it had abandoned during the Oslo process facre. More important that the terrorist"s death is that whoever did it has access to Hamas killer"s movement details and most importantly got a wealth of information about Hamas financing, contacts and arms it intends to get. For that last reason, I hope that it was a Mossad job. However, Mossad still needs to do more. Getting rid of Abbas, Hanniyah and Mashaal would either lead to either the abandonment of the peace farce or the emergence of genuine peace partners. Mossad and the IDF should have ignored the USA and exercised independence in taking out Arafat when he launched his terror war.

Posted by paul2 on 2010-02-22 11:20:13 GMT

Absolutely!! I have nothing to add.If the world took notice, not only would it be a safer place, but we would be congratulating the israelis, learning from them,and above all uniting with them in making our mutual enemies vanish for good. Unfortunately, very unfortunately, there is no back-bone anywhere anymore, no logic, no will to say NO to evil, and people in general keep voting these miserable world leaders, and the rest of us are stuck with them!!

Posted by Dina on 2010-02-22 09:51:58 GMT

I was thinking exactly the same way Chris R-D was. How could the slaying of the leader of mass murderers be acting against British interests? I"m not sure I follow Brown"s logic.

Posted by Marilyn Snider on 2010-02-22 05:48:50 GMT

Interesting presumption that the Mossad did it, especially when such a huge amateurish paper trail was left, including applications for credit cards. Surely the Mossad is capable of forging untraceable credit cards. Two Palestinians from the Fatah security forces were identified ... and I have very strong reservations about Mossad carrying out joint hits with the Palestinians. All in all, I"m prepared to wait and see any real evidence of Mossad involvement, rather than jump to the conclusions the British clearly have.

Posted by Morry on 2010-02-22 01:49:55 GMT

My only question is why did Dubai allowing this murdering terrorist into their country? In my opinion it is Dubai that deserves the world‚s condemnation, not Israel.

Posted by DR on 2010-02-22 01:32:36 GMT

The elimination of this terrorist has brought fake tears, and another excuse to bash Israel. It"s genuine hypocrisy on display. Many in the world want Israel to strike Iran and if it happens they will pounce on Israel. Ordinary citizens resent an influx of Muslims who refuse to assimilate. Few but Geert Wilders say so, publicly. If Israel pulled off Dubai, if Wilders wins, the civilized world benefits. It"s not great about the passports - but sometimes "you do what you gotta do."

Posted by Roberta on 2010-02-21 22:11:07 GMT