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USE MY PASSPORT: Hamas mass murderer got what he deserved

aussiepassportrow If Israel brought the Hamas mass murderer Mahmoud al-Mabhouh to justice – and we’ll never know whether they did or whether he fell foul of fellow terrorists – then we can only celebrate.

How they did it is a tenth-order issue.

Why they did it is to stop Hamas blowing buses full of school-children, crowded pizza parlours, airplanes and airports, kindergartens and beach resorts.

Kevin Rudd and his blow-dried Foreign Minister Stephen Smith are good men and they have a role to play on the national stage we don’t envy. Protecting the integrity of our passports is a part of the job, we suppose.

Protecting our national reputation might be considered even more important and when Indian politicians and their sensationalist tabloid media call Melbourne racist, their reaction seemed strangely muted.

Smith seemed to want to agree, no doubt following a DFAT brief with all the obedience of a well-trained, coiffed prize show poodle.

But when it’s Israel, lashing them is always considered good sport. They’re fair game. Unlike some Indian political extremists, Israel takes criticism of all bizarre kinds in good grace.

And in this case where the allegation – completely unproven – that those responsible for protecting Israeli citizens safe from those whose intentions are the same as Adolf Hitler before them (just not quite as organised) have engaged in a little creative Photoshop and Passport manufacture in order to get their agents in and out of hostile dictatorships, we look at the front-page outrage and we hear the Prime Minister’s Churchillian denunciations and are left saying ‘so what if they did?’

Being a victim of a one-off identity theft is obviously not nice. And we can entirely understand the confusion and unhappiness about the individuals in that position. We’re sure not even the knuckle-headed authorities in the Dubai one-man dictatorship will hold them responsible for the death of the Hamas arms-buyer.

But after everyone has had a Bex and a good lie down, then surely the paramount issue is the need for Israel to protect itself from those who wish to terrorise it into madness, blast Jerusalem with nukes and drive six million Jews into the sea.

The world continues to apply a double-standard to Israel.

Where’s the front-page outrage when missiles land in southern Israel? We’re all too keen to contemplate the “cause” or motivations of crime rather than staying focused on stopping the criminals.

Where’s the Prime Ministerial or DFAT frenzy over the nuclear arsenal being slowly and hopefully incompetently assembled by Iran’s perverted regime? Make no mistake, when Iran has a live nuclear missile capable of hitting Israel, it will be used. We have no higher authority on that than Iran’s president himself to support the proposition.

And yet DFAT still makes nice with these people, hiring the best and brightest lefties out of our universities with Honours degrees in social theory and preferably Arabic to bow and scrape to rulers of lands where democracy has never existed, women are treated like cattle and their oil is becoming less and less useful to us every day.

This whole business reminded me that I need a new passport. Not that I wish to become James Bond in slightly less stylish and considerably less womanising form but if any nation keen to hunt down Hamas terrorists needs an extra passport to ensure their operatives can slip in and out of the hostile dictatorships that give mass murderers sancturary, then that’s fine by me.

Never again, all decent people say quietly to themselves when the contemplate the obscenity of what transpired in supposedly civilised Europe not that many decades ago. In my father’s lifetime, all this happened, the most sickening horror the world has even known, unleashed by one of its most cultured and advanced societies  in Germany.

Never again, I said through the tears when I walked through Yad Vashem.

Never again I said to myself when I saw for the first time a faded tattooed number on the arm of a kind old lady standing in a queue for an ALP plebiscite and contemplated just how much of a miracle it was that she’d made it from the mouth of hell to a great triumph of freedom in the St Kilda Park Primary School.

It’s easy to say.

It’s another thing to step up and comprehend that the same evil forces still exist in the world and that if you do nothing to stop it, then it will triumph. Those evil forces are positively nurtured by a hostile European and Arab world press who beat up every imaginable negative story about Israel and gloss over the barbarism of those who seek destroy Israel.

Israel defends itself well from these threats. We’ll never know just how many near misses they avoid, how much carnage they are able to pre-emptively defeat.

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh is dead.

We don’t know why he was killed. But if Israel did it, then that’s fine by me. If it had been possible to do so, I don’t doubt the preference would have been to extract him from the one-man dictatorship of Dubai and bring him to Israel to see how many of his blood-thirsty ghoul comrades he’d give up.

If you really believe that the Holocaust ought happen never again, if you’re really Israel’s friend as I’ve seen Kevin Rudd and Stephen Smith insist over the years then you might consider that true friends stick even when slight offence has been caused. True friends don’t act opportunistically to denigrate the other. True friends see the big picture.

Whining about identity theft, the integrity of passports and such things is not the act of a friend.

It shows a contemptible lack of understanding about the reality of life in the Middle East and situation Israel is put in by those who seek to destroy it.

Kevin Rudd and Stephen Smith will rarely do something more popular than lash at Israel over this passport row but I’ve never been so troubled about the banality and the lack of real perspective many of our elected leaders have. The Liberals are not much better of course, they get hot under the collar about pink batts but stay mute when there’s an unpopular but important truth to speak up for.

The next time I go through Ben-Gurion Airport, after the euphoria fades from arriving in a very, very special place, I’ll probably think about whether my passport could be faked and used in Israel’s defence.

If that’s the only contribution I could make to ensuring “Never Again” then I’d be happy to make it. I’ve been all talk and no action so far.

From the comfort of suburban Melbourne, I am in no position to second-guess how the brilliant Israel security forces and services do their work. But I thank God they do. And while debate will rage in Israel about whether operations against scum like Mahmoud al-Mabhouh are worth all the grief, real friends of Israel are just relieved that there’s one less genocidal maniac on the loose.

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Mabhouh had a half-dozen forged passports with him in Dubai. It"s a safe bet that he has used dozens of false passports in the past. Australia and EU countries are rightly concerned about stolen passports - stolen by terrorists, though. It wouldn"t surprise me at all if some of the countries that are now howling had actually provided the false passports for this operation. What"s more, leaving such obvious footprints in the mud leading straight to Israel seems so unprofessional and unlike the Mossad, that it seems more and more likely that someone else actually did it - with Israel"s involvement or not. Bottom line: The fewer Islamic international terrorists stealing passports, the less Australia and friends have to worry.

Posted by Jake in Jerusalem on 2010-02-28 01:06:25 GMT

Great to see one writer with spine!

Posted on 2010-02-26 20:44:54 GMT

ll I know as far as Australia is concerned Rudd\"s white Paper doesn\"t mention Israelis as the threat to our security or a problem with assimilation. The Israelis must do what they must do, kill or be killed they sure can\"t reply on the Australians, or any one else to save them . The M. F terrorist they allegedly killed in the so called Moderate Dubai was also traveling on a false passport if Israelis have to stoop to the Arabs way of ware fare so be it!

Posted by Michael on 2010-02-26 11:42:10 GMT

In some fashion, it’s so easy to see the depth of anti-Semitism reaching truly every corner of any and all topics that surround the Mid-Eastern conflict, even the assassination of a known Arab terrorist and mass murderer. I think of how the CIA deliberately concealed and destroyed tapes of their interrogations of terrorists where harsh, of not torturous methods are employed. Ok, we don"t like it. Torture isn’t ‘democratic.’ But the int"l uproar is limited. People don"t demonstrate on the streets. But, if some Israeli action is assumed, not even proven, just look at the uproar! Moreover, while I know it sounds simplistic, every time I attempt to determine the motive and roots of this antipathy, and anti-Semitic reactions - beyond the actual historic events that present haters don"t even know about - I always arrive at a single pair of words: envy, and jealousy. That, and how easy it is to pick on a people who only comprise 0.0023% of the global population. It seems to explain so much. A ratio of 99 Muslims to every 1 Jew doesn"t settle the islamist – or the growing troupe of anti-Semites. The trillions of dollars yearly that we are using to pay for the security measures and disruptions Muslim terror has resulted in doesn"t satisfy the islamist. The 40% of GNP that Israeli must use to protect themselves isn"t enough. The double standard and the utter perfection demanded of Jewish and Israeli behavior, while we almost expect ignorant, violent, bigoted and oppressive behavior from Muslims and Arabs in particular is risible. We expect and condone it oddly, figuring they can do no better. It"s the condemnation of the one, and the utter acceptance of the other that supports the ‘envy’ theory: antipathy of Israel and Jews as a result of an ontological envy, that works as a driving and underlying mechanism. Essentially, it is a trivial pursuit. If it weren"t for the unspeakable oil wealth, how deadly the weapons are becoming, and how successful the strategy of terror is - producing the daily expansion of this global Islamic ideological imperialism, cloaking the planet with it"s harsh and intolerant tenets and suicide seeking soldiers, I would say this entire matter is boring me to death!!

Posted by Brian_007 on 2010-02-26 09:31:38 GMT

The House of Fairfax, a wholly owned subsidiary of the House of Saud (of Arabia)

Posted on 2010-02-26 07:48:36 GMT

You wont find Andrews brilliant article in al" age or SMH/ Syrian Morning Herald that"s for sure

Posted by Michael on 2010-02-26 07:23:05 GMT