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Eruv not functioning in Melbourne past Grange Road

Background for our non-Jewish readers

An Eruv is a structure which allows us to carry items in public on the Sabbath. In Melbourne there exists an Eruv and it is normally taken for granted that people can carry over the Sabbath. For example I carry my prayer shawl (tallit) every Sabbath to synagogue without thinking. Were there no Eruv I would have to bring it to synagogue prior to the Sabbath, or wear the tallit all the way to synagogue.

So the non-integrity of the Eruv has a major impact on the city's Sabbath observance. All webcasters and broadcasters have been asked to co-operate in getting the message out, and ICJS has a fairly comprehensive mailing list, so we are doing our bit. We apologise if this message does not concern you, but it is in our opinion a reasonable use of  "web bandwidth" under the circumstances. 


Notice from COSV on behalf of the Eruv status

The Melbourne Eruv has been repaired (with new reduced boundary. RZ) and is now Kosher for this Shabbat.

However until further notice the Eruv does not extend beyond Grange / Jasper Roads to the east and South Road to the south. Please refer to the Melbourne Eruv Map.

Also refer to the COSV website.

This will affect members of the Moorabbin, Bentleigh and Carnegie communities and any members of the South Caulfield community who live on the eastern side of Grange or Jasper Roads or beyond.

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