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A Just Verdict in the Rachel Corrie Case

It is now official.  Rachel Corrie, thepatron saint of the pro-terror radical Left and its Islamofascist allies, essentially committed terrorism in order to assist Palestinian terrorists.  She was not killed by Israel.  Israel had no particular reason to want her dead (as opposed to deported).

The Haifa District court just tossed out a petition by the clueless parents of Corrie.  They had sought damages and a court proclamation that Israel was at fault in their daughter’s death.  Instead, Judge Oded Gershon made it very clearthat Rachel Corrie, the US-flag-burning groupie of Islamofascism, was responsible for her OWN death.  She intentionally placed herself in harm’s way in order to interfere with Israeli military anti-terror operations in Gaza.  She did so in a place where Palestinian terrorists had fired at Israeli troops just hours earlier.  The Israeli troops were there to destroy smuggling tunnels beneath residential buildings, tunnels used to smuggle in explosives, missiles, and other weapons.  Things used by the Gazan terrorists to murder Jewish children and other living things.

Corrie had been sent to Gaza as part of a Solidarity-with-Genocidal-Hamas-Murderers delegation organized by the pro-jihad “International Solidarity Movement” or ISM.  The ISM openly endorses Palestinian mass murder of Jews and has collaborated with terrorists, including in hiding their weapons and sheltering wanted murderers.  The ISM notoriously hosted two terrorists the day before they murdered several Israelis at the “Mike’s Place” tavern in Tel Aviv in 2003.

Corrie entered Gaza to serve as a human shield for Hamas mass murderers.  On March 16, 2003 she decided to play chicken with a large Israeli earth mover.  The irony is that the driver would have stopped and capitulated to Corrie’s shenanigans if he had seen her.  But he did not and struck her.  She later died while in Palestinian medical facilities, probably due to medical incompetence by the staff.  There have been rumors that her bulldozer stunt was designed to draw Israeli soldiers out in the open to be targeted by Palestinian gunfire.

Since then the totalitarian Left and neo-Nazis have beatified Corrie.   She is the darling of the Iranian Holocaust Deniers.  A ridiculous theater play has been making the circuits proclaiming Corrie a victim, rather than an accomplice of terror.  She is celebrated by David Duke and the neo-Nazis, as well as the neo-Stalinist Left.    The most lasting images of Corrie was of her face contorted with rage and as she burned an American flag. 

When Reuters reported that Palestinians “honored” her after her death in a “symbolic funeral” by flying U.S. flags, James Taranto from the Wall Street Journal remarked that if Corrie were still alive, no doubt she’d have burned the flags.  Even the far-Left Mother Jones magazine considers her a dangerous and deluded little twit.  The Israeli army investigated the death and concluded that Corrie had effectively committed suicide.  The Haifa court agreed.

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