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Open letter to Ambassador Rotem

Your Excellency,

From the grassroots Jewish community a message:  we support you and we support Israel. We know that Bob Carr hauled you in earlier this week to dress Israel down, and for what?  For building houses.  We stand behind Israel’s decision to build homes because we understand that building homes has the function of providing shelter for families.

Unlike Mr Carr, we believe that lobbing rockets at innocent civilians is the major obstacle to peace, along with raising children to hate, denying Israel’s right to exist, inciting violence, honouring suicide bombers, exalting the murder of Jews in songs and poetry, these are obstacles to peace.  But building homes for families does not constitute, in any rational mind at least, any obstacle to peace. 

Drawing a moral equivalence between lobbing rockets and building homes speaks of a political stance lacking integrity or honesty…so as far as we are concerned…you let your government know that they should go ahead and build those homes, gardens and schools but don’t forget to build the shelters needed to protect Israeli civilians from the rockets being lobbed at them.



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"Actual construction in the city — not the declaration of a plan to build — will prove to the world that we have regained our sanity, that Jerusalem will not be divided and that we will not revert to the Green Line. This construction will also prove that the Arabs, who only came here in the last few centuries, have "all the rights in Israel, but no right to Israel," as historian and former Education Minister Ben-Zion Dinur so aptly put it. The same is true, of course, for Jerusalem, the manifestation of Jewish recollection and justice. -Nadav Shragai ,Israel Hayom 7.12.2012

Posted on 2012-12-07 09:34:42 GMT

I am delighted to proclaim my strong support for Israel's actions although I am a little dismayed that the government has been so equivocating about the E1 and other areas. I don't like Julia Gillard, but I admire her for the courage of her convictions. Carr has no principals, only interests, the primary one being himself.

Posted by Georgeaz on 2012-12-07 03:30:30 GMT

Very good

Posted by Fay Ganly on 2012-12-07 02:54:47 GMT

great letter to Ambassador Rotem - I would go further and apolgise for the public display of ignorance of M/East history by our weak FM - I am embarrassed by this Govt in recent weeks If Carr and Co really cared about the plight of the Palestinians he would support Israel to the fullest extent - and insist that PA amend their charter and acknowledge Israel as Jewish State with Jersualem as its undivided capital; then and only then will there be a chance for Palestians to build for their future rather than fight for a fruitless mythical cause..

Posted by Pinchas Henenberg on 2012-12-06 12:46:57 GMT

I agree. And if Israel is (Chas vechalila) building homes in an area that might join Jerusalem to Ma'aleh Adumim (as has been reported), is it wrong for Israel to want to defend itself territorially from an entity that wants only to destroy it? I am tired of the media criticising (if they do) Hamas, but giving the Palestinian Authority a free pass. The PA is just as motivated to destroy Israel, only they don't say so openly or in English.

Posted by Ruth on 2012-12-06 11:27:29 GMT

Letter in today's AJN from that Pompous Left wing Baker trying to force his left wing views down our throats and who belives the Jewish Community leadership is out of step.Hello If Baker can get him self away from Haaretz and reads all the letters to the Editor and the Vox poll in the same AJN edition he criticizes for being too Pro- Israel he will see he and his '' comrades' are the ones out of step. Baker, AJDS, ACJC,IAJV and the Progressives are what I would describe as ' Palestinian useful idiots"

Posted by Burdy on 2012-12-06 11:25:44 GMT

Does Egypt have an ambassador here? Was he 'hauled in' to have a strong talking -to bout Morsi's destruction of any semblance of democracy, and giving himself all power? What about Syria? Was their ambassador ticked off for Assad's killing of his citizens, and mobilization of chemical weaponry? Etc etc etc. Carr is an idiot and Israel needs to keep building. It looks like mob rule and chemical warfare is not nearly as threatening to world peace as a Jew with a hammer and a fistful of nails.

Posted by Shyrla Pakula on 2012-12-06 08:54:57 GMT