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To become UN Sec General Obama must 'Solve' the Existence of Israel

President Obama is basically a Marxist of the “Third World” variety, which means that he lives in the faith that some elite political minority can rule first the United States and Europe, and then the world. In Washington speculation is rife that the end of the Obama years is only the beginning of a run for UN Secretary General, a job he can fiddle into real power, using leftist and Muslim regimes from around the world to support him. Obama’s ambition runs his mind and his life. He can’t face the end of power.

After watching the man for almost a decade, this is the only ambition that makes sense of his actions. It explains his consistent favoritism for Muslims, no matter how radical or violent. It explains his surrender to Iran’s nukes, and his constant collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood, now in active civil war with Egypt’s President El Sisi. It explains his comfort with the medieval war theology of Islam, which is also a world-conquering faith.

Like all grandiose narcissists with uncontrollable ambitions, Obama figures he can somehow resolve all the internecine warfare between Shi’ites and Sunnis, between Persians and Arabs, Turks and Kurds, Copts and Salafists, and finally get all “the fifty-seven states” -- 57 is the number of Muslim states in the UN -- to vote for him as a messianic UN Secretary General. At the UN General Assembly, Europe will vote for him because the Left runs the EU with an iron hand. The U.S. will vote for him when the next Democrat becomes president. Three hundred Obama staffers have already come out for Liz Warren, who will follow Obama’s orders when he runs for UN Sec General. South America will vote for him in the expectation of “redistribution” of wealth from developed nations to their utterly corrupt, failed regimes.Israel is the only thing that stands in the way of Obama’s grandiose ambition.

At least in his mind.In the real world, of course, this is a delusion, because the Muslim world is riven by a hundred hatreds, Sunnis against Shi’ites, radicals against modernists, Arabs against Persians, on and on and on. If the phony Palestinian problem is solved tomorrow, Muslim wars will go on just as they have for more than a thousand years. The Saudis are more afraid of Iran than anybody else, because Iran wants to conquer Mecca and Medina in pursuit of its own war theology.Obama and Jarrett -- they are a classic “folie a deux,” a two-person cult -- started the surrender to Iran at the start of this administration, while lying endless times about never permitting the mullahs to have nuclear weapons. But since 1979 the mullahs have been screaming every single day “Death to Israel! Death to America!” Liberals are cursed with a delusional inability to believe such threats, no matter how serious they are. Hitler made such threats. Tojo made such threats. Lenin and Stalin did. But history has no impact on liberal minds. Realists understand world-conquering threats all too well.Israel has deep human sources in Iran, and understands that regime a lot better than we do.

Our CIA has a perfect record of failing to predict hostile nuclear programs, starting with Stalin and going all the way to North Korea and Iran. The CIA does great electronic intelligence but notoriously bad human intelligence. Based on its sources in Iran, Israel takes the Iranian nuclear threat to be a clear and present danger to its existence. Iran preaches a genocidal war theology, just like ISIS and all the rest. The Saudis, who also understand the mullahs, also have deep human sources there, and also believe the nuclear threat is real.Obama has personally abused and threatened Benjamin Netanyahu from the beginning of this administration. It hasn’t worked. Netanyahu is a man of conviction, and he’s faced tougher enemies on the battlefield than the biggest narcissist in the world.

We are seeing an unstoppable force gathering steam against an immovable object. That is the real nature of today’s argument about Netanyahu’s desire to speak to the U.S. Congress, and Obama’s rage against any opposition to his nuclear surrender. Netanyahu sees his chance to talk to Congress and the American people as the last chance to stop suicidal appeasement to a fanatical regime that preaches suicidal warfare against its theological enemies. Obama is bound and determined to surrender to Iranian nukes, because that will give him the power to force Israel’s hand. The Iranian Crescent now surrounds Israel, and it directly threatens Egypt and Saudi Arabia as well. Obama’s every action has been designed to weaken Israel’s sovereignty, in collusion with the European Left, which just recognized Hamas as having standing at the European court in Geneva. If Netanyahu can convince Congress and the American people that surrender to Iran is suicidal, he may be able to stop Obama’s appeasement express. He has to take the chance of infuriating Obama, because the alternative is the risk of genocide for his people. Netanyahu is a serious man.The next few weeks will tell. Watch for fireworks, and watch for Obama’s famous rage to explode in public.

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