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The story of my stabbing

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Well it is encouraging behind the scenes where it matters, this is what is being aimed for.

Posted by Lynne Newington on 2015-11-03 01:05:29 GMT

It seems Jewish bloggers, correspondents and the like, regularly overlook/omit the fact that the Jewish people have returned to their ancestral home, that the Jewish people are indigenous to this part of the Middle East, to what was renamed Palestine, but is once again the nation-state of Israel rather than "...establishing the first Jewish commonwealth..."... And yes there may well be another people claiming the land, but both nations are the descendants of the very same Abraham... The Palestinians 'outbid' us in every way and the Jewish people have, at least, as good claim to the land and in having 're-established the modern Jewish commonwealth', after too long an absence. Respective leaders of the two nation-states need to finally get their collective act together and negotiate an end to this much too long saga of blood-letting and enable both nation-states to flourish in the one miraculous place on Earth, that enables people to be respectful and tolerant of 'the other' and can be a haven to ALL peoples.

Posted by Avi P. on 2015-11-03 00:32:26 GMT

Reflecting on the original ICJS post and reference to words of alma matar...Chazak ve ematz "be strong and of good courage" and as recorded here, being strong and resolute has been the by words of Jewish survival down through history. Argentina's that doesn't have much airing a permanent place on the coffee table irrespective of the "good vibes" coming from others.

Posted by Lynne Newington on 2015-11-02 22:54:32 GMT

We must open our eyes. It can happen anywhere. France, London, Seattle, New York, Australia... Jews are being attacked everywhere with increasing frequency and ferocity every day. All one must do is scan the news to see the alarmingly dramatic upswing in anti-Semitism around the world.

Posted by Ronit on 2015-11-02 21:07:10 GMT