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Jerusalem passed intel to Paris about attacks

Since the terror attacks that killed 129 people in Paris on Friday night, Israel has shared intelligence information at its disposal with French authorities, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement issued by his office Saturday. At a situation assessment at the Foreign Ministry, Netanyahu said that Israel has information relating to those involved in the attacks in French capital, a senior Israeli official said.

"We are not exactly a marginal player in this field, and the information that we have we are sharing with France and other relevant countries, not just over the past day," said the prime minister. "It's an important part of the cooperation against the terrorism of the Islamic State and of radical Islamic terrorism in general."

Netanyahu ordered Israeli security and intelligence agencies to give France every assistance possible following the attacks, an official said. "Israel stands shoulder to shoulder with President François Hollande and with the French people in the joint war against terrorism," Netanyahu said, "I offer the condolences of the people of Israel to the families of those murdered, and wish those wounded a speedy recovery."

Hollande said Saturday that ISIS was behind the shootings and suicide bombings.

"Terror is a systematic and targeted assault on innocent civilians. Nothing justifies the terrorism. We always need to condemn it, always need to fight it," Netanyahu said. "For many years, I have been saying that Islamic terror is attacking Israel and other countries because it simply wants to destroy us. An attack on any of us needs to be seen as an attack on all of us," he added.

Following the series of deadly attacks at six locations in the French capital, the prime minister also instructed the Foreign Ministry to ask French authorities to beef up security around the Israeli embassy in the French capital and Jewish institutions in France. Reinforcements will also be sent from Israel to help protect the embassy in Paris.

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