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Cover up : 15 yo stabbing/murder by Arab migrant in Sweden


Arminas Pileckas, a native of northern European state Lithuania was living in Sweden with his parents when he was brutally murdered on Monday by an “Arab” — reportedly Syrian — migrant classmate.

It is reported that Arminas intervened to protect a female school-mate from being sexually assaulted in December, only to have the Syrian he defended her from stab him in the back and through the heart on the first day of the next term.

While the killing of a European on his first day back at school by a migrant pupil has received minimal press coverage in Sweden, it has been practically ignored across the rest of Europe, a state of affairs his father has called a ‘cover-up’.

In an angry interview with his native Lithuanian press, Arminas’ father said he hadn’t even been approached for interviews by the Swedish press after the death of his son, while the same Swedish media rushed to interview the father of the killer. He said in Lithuania the migrant problem was frankly and openly discussed, while in Sweden “everything is being kept hidden”.

This week the mainstream left-wing paper Aftonbladet published a sympathetic interview with the father of the 14 year old migrant killer who accused the dead boy of not defending the teenage girl, but instead beign guilty of bullying his migrant classmate. In a remarkable admission of the alien culture the accused came from, the father of the “Arab student” told the paper the school had done nothing in the wake of the altercation in December:

“The school did nothing to help him and establish his honour. Instead, my son had to meet this 15 year old every day. It made him very upset”.

Aftonbladet did not question whether hurt honour was a sufficient reason for killing a classmate, nor did it report on the teenage girl Arminas is said to have lost his life over or the Syrian origin of the suspected killer.

Arminas’ father has said the reports in the Swedish press about his son being a bully are bare-faced lies. He told the Lyrtas: “He was hard-working, cheerful and had a lot of Swedish friends. All loved him… The Swedish press writes that Arminas assaulted the student, but that is not the case…. our son saw that boy take the girl. He stopped him and they got into a fight”.

Mr. Pileckas said the young boy swore to get his revenge on Arminas for keeping him away from his female class mates, that the school knew about it,and that it was not an isolated incident in Broby, Skåne where they lived. He said of the ‘refugees’ living in the town: “A Lithuanian girl was attacked a few months ago. They tried to rape her. The police did nothing then… last year the refugees attacked another Lithuanian, who was taking her puppy for a walk”.

Rejecting any notion of his son being a bully, he said the school would certainly have told him were taht the case: “the school never hides anything. If he was just late to class, we parents would instantly receive messages”.

The father’s depiction of his son as a good student was confirmed by a 15 year old classmate. Her remarks were reported by FriaTider: “He really spread joy to those around him. Very nice and kind. He was an important presence in the classroom. If the whole class was feeling down, he was a person who could always get the class to laugh”.

A police spokesman said they were presently trying to piece together exactly what had happened at the school.

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