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Israeli envoy calls on UN Security Council to condemn Palestinian terror attacks


Danny Danon addressing the UN Security Council, October 22, 2015


NEW YORK – Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon has sent an urgent letter to the UN Security Council demanding that it condemn Tuesday’s three terrorist attacks.

Twenty-nine-year-old American tourist Taylor Force was killed and some 14 people, including his wife, were wounded in the attacks that took place in Jaffa, Jerusalem and Petah Tikva on Tuesday.

“This ongoing wave of terror has claimed the lives of 34 victims – 34 fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, husbands and wives, buried by their loved ones,” the ambassador wrote, telling the council that since the onset of the current wave of violence the Palestinians have committed 317 attacks against Israelis at an average of 2.18 per day, a third of which were committed by minors.

“Yet, the Security Council has not condemned Palestinian terror even once,” he said.

“The international community must not continue to ignore this ongoing campaign of brainwashing and indoctrination,” he wrote, referring to Palestinian incitement.

“I ask you to open your eyes, condemn the ongoing attacks,” Danon concluded.

Jewish leaders in the United States also spoke out against the stabbings. Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Stephen M. Greenberg and Executive Vice-Chairman Malcolm Hoenlein extended their condolences to Force’s family.

“We condemn the attacks in Jaffa, Jerusalem and Petah Tikvah and call on the international community, especially the Palestinian Authority, to take action to end these outrages by holding to account those engaging in incitement or who otherwise encourage or aid these attacks,” they said in a statement.

“There can be no compromise or excuses for terrorism.”

Greenberg and Hoenlein also welcomed the statement from Vice President Joe Biden, who was not far from the site of the Jaffa stabbing spree when it occurred, condemning “in the strongest possible terms, the brutal attack.”

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