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Corbyn supporter sentenced for vile abuse against Jewish MPs Luciana Berger and Ruth Smeeth

Nick Nelson sent abuse to MPs Luciana Berger (left) and Ruth Smeeth (right) Nick Nelson sent abuse to MPs Luciana Berger (left) and Ruth Smeeth (right) (Photo: Parliament)

A Jeremy Corbyn supporter has been sentenced after admitting sending vile abuse to Jewish Labour MPs Luciana Berger and Ruth Smeeth.

Labour activist Nick Nelson, 29, was given a 20-week suspended prison sentence on Monday at Westminster Magistrates' Court after calling Ms Berger a "vile useless Tory c**t" who was "using Judaism as a weapon".

In another message, he labelled Ms Smeeth a "red Tory traitor."

District Judge Tan Ikram said the only reason he did not send Nelson to jail was he admitted his actions to police and pleaded guilty to the charge of harassment in court.

The JC understands that Nelson also made a series of threatening phone calls to the consituency offices of both MPs.

Nelson's lawyer, who refused to give her name to journalists in court, said her client was angry about the debate over antisemitism in Mr Corbyn's Labour, adding: "He felt rightly or wrongly that the two MPs were trying to destabilise the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn's leadership."

A Labour spokesperson told the JC that Mr Nelson was currently not a member of the party.

In March, MP Wes Streeting, who has been vocal in the fight against Labour antisemitism, received an abusive email from Nelson, in which he wrote: "Resign, go f**k yourself or better yet kill yourself you worthless Tory."

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