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Once again, Palestinians deny any Jewish connection to Jerusalem


Elder of Ziyon

A general view shows thousands of Jewish worshippers attending the priestly blessing on the Jewish holiday of Sukkot at the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City September 26, 2018. Photo: REUTERS/Ammar Awad.

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement about supposed Israeli “Judaizing” of the city of Jerusalem.

One of the accusations is that Israeli actions in Jerusalem “give the impression to any visitor that it is a Jewish Biblical city featuring continuous [Jewish] presence and Jewish heritage.”

Well, yes. Because it has been for 3,000 years, except for some very brief periods where Jews were specifically expelled because of their cultural and religious ties to Jerusalem.

This Palestinian statement reveals more than it intends, because — once again — the Palestinians are trying to separate Jews and Judaism from Jerusalem.

And they are doing it for exactly the same reason that antisemites of previous generations tried to do the same.

Despite how they speak to credulous Western reporters and diplomats, Palestinians don’t accept that Jerusalem is sacred to three faiths. They are actively trying to pretend that Jewish ties to Jerusalem are a modern myth, and that only Muslims and (reluctantly) Christians have ties to the city.

Israel celebrates the ties of all three faiths to the city, while accurately noting that Jerusalem is only central to one of them. It is the Palestinians who are trying to not only ethnically cleanse Jerusalem of Jews, but to cut any cultural, emotional, religious, and historic ties that Jews have to the city.

This isn’t being “pro-Palestinian.” This is being actively antisemitic.

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