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A first: IDF reservists in British parliament


IDF reservists address British Parliament
IDF reservists address British Parliament
Inbal Gilmour

In light of the failure of Israeli public relations around the world, a special and extraordinary event took place last night in the British Parliament in London, attended by dozens of British diplomats, including about 20 members of parliament. As part of the event, which was initiated by the reserve soldiers organization "My Truth," Israeli reserve soldiers told the participants about the complex confrontation they face dealing with terrorist organizations and the human rights violations taking place every day in Judea and Samaria.

Facing the packed hall, members of the organization presented a series of testimonies from soldiers describing the cynical use by the terrorist organizations of the civilian population - including children, women, and medical teams - in order to harm Israeli soldiers and civilians.

The presentation was part of the "Human Shields" project, an international advocacy initiative of the 'My Truth' organization that aims to bring to international organizations and bodies the Israeli perspective of what is happening on the ground.

The main host of the delegation is MP Ian Austin, who ended his career in Jeremy Corbyn's Labor Party, which has been plagued by accusations of anti-Semitism. In light of this, the members of the delegation gave a certificate of appreciation to Austin for his continued support for the Israel-UK alliance and his commitment to the two nations' shared democratic values. Austin emphasized the importance of presenting the firsthand testimonies as part of the confrontation with Hamas, which directs weekly confrontations and riots along the Gaza border fence.

During the event, those present were exposed for the first time to the other side of the Arab-Israeli conflict after years of uniting the anti-Israeli propaganda of radical left-wing organizations and Palestinian Authority propaganda.

Michael McCain, a former member of parliament and now chairman of the Israeli Britain Alliance, said the importance of bringing soldiers' testimonies from the field is also significant in the context of what is being heard in London's parliament against Israel.

The event was another high point in the organization's advocacy activities in recent months in the European Union, the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, the International Criminal Court in The Hague and others.

The My Truth organization stated: "We regret that the State of Israel failed in the field of international information and left the most important arena for hate propaganda and lies against IDF soldiers. Our decision to hold the event in London's parliament in which anti-Semitism and BDS organizations have raised their heads in recent years is another step in order to bring about a genuine change in the international discourse of criticism against the State of Israel. This event proves that the world is thirsty to hear the entire picture and the voice of the soldiers on the ground, and not just another invented scenario or a unilateral description provided by the terrorist organizations."

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