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Australian Issues

ICC’s Israel Investigation Betrays its Mandate and Places All Western Nations in the Firing Line by Alex Ryvchin

icc.png The International Criminal Court’s Pre-Trial Chamber has determined jurisdiction to investigate Israel and Palestine for events in the West Bank and Gaza. This has sparked debate not only about jurisdiction, but whether the ICC is genuinely serving as a court of last resort reserved for the most serious mass crimes ...
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Guidance regarding COVID-9 vaccine by OU Orthodox Union

The following is shared based on the guidance of our poskim, Harav Hershel Schachter שליט”א and Harav Mordechai Willig שליט”א, with the support of Harav Dovid Cohen שליט”א. Read the complete statement on Vaccine advice from the OU ...
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The nature of the peace agreement twixt Israel and Emirates by Ralph

The Israeli peace ag ...
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Australia-Israel relationship a ‘mateship’ based on trade, trust and mutual values by Eliana Rudee

etarg3exyammbmj-880x495.png “It is in our national interest to see Israel succeed as a liberal democracy in the Middle East, and Australia continues to strongly support its right to exist within secure and internationally recognized borders,” said Australian Ambassador to Israel Chris Cannan. ...
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Recipe test by RZ

recipe1.png A recipe ...
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