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Empty Words

Article’s tags: Media imbalance, Philosophy & Morality, Australian Issues, Neo Anti Sem

Richard Marles Deputy PM May 27:

No place for anti-Semitism, hate speech

Josh Burns MHR May 27:

"It has no place in Australian society, that sort of vilification and targeting of a school,"

Anthony Albanese PM May 3

Antisemitism has no place in Australia

Anthony Albanese PM October 10 2023:

And there's no place for anti-Semitism in this country or, indeed, anywhere else


The IHRA definition of anti-Semitism has no place on Australian campuses

Jason Clare MP and Andrew Giles MP 15 May 24:

There is no place for antisemitism, Islamophobia or any type of racism in our universities, or anywhere else, and there is nothing more important than the safety of students and staff on campus

Jason Clare MP 12 Oct 23:

.. there's no place for antisemitism or, for that matter, Islamophobia or any kind of racism or vilification or hate speech

Police spokesperson May 27:

.. There is absolutely no place at all in our society of anti-Semitic sentiments or behaviour..

Penny Wong Foreign Minister May 16:

.. Antisemitism has no place anywhere, including our university campuses. I stand against it. We all must stand against it ..

Jacinta Allen State Pemier May 12 2022:

.. Antisemitism has no place in Victoria – nor does any act with the intention of spreading fear or hate..

Senator Barbara Pocock May 15:

.. There is no place for antisemitism in our society..

Mark Dreyfuss Attorney General Nov 28:

.. We want to send the clearest possible message that there's no place for this kind of behaviour in Australian society..

Allegra Spender MP April 11:

.. everyone in Australia is "responsible" for being clear about there being "no place" for anti-Semitism..

Zoe Daniel MP (website, undated) :

As your community-backed, independent candidate, I make you this promise: I will always stand with you. I will always fight to keep you safe. Hate speech has no place in Australia. Holocaust denial has no place in Australia

Adam Bandt MP 11 Oct 23

This is a painful time for the Jewish and Palestinian communities in Australia, who must be able to grieve the loss of loved ones and publicly express solidarity for those trying to stay safe back home, and antisemitic and Islamophobic attacks on Australia’s Jewish and Palestinian communities must stop

Note well: The so-called Islamophobic attacks are in online social media, while the antisemitic attacks exist in online media AS WELL AS real events in the streets and suburbs. To equate the two is a bit of a sleight of hand

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