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The nature of the peace agreement twixt Israel and Emirates

Article’s tags: International Law, Australian Issues

ICJS: Here in Australia there is a sense that the Peace Agreement (PA) with UAE is very different from the PAs with Egypt and Jordan respectively. It's "early days" yet, but is this one more enthusiastic? while the 2 previous agreements were entered into begrudgingly. (Not to minimise the positive benefit that those two ageements have had).

ISRAELI COLLEAGUE: Further to your question, the quickly developing relationship between the Israelis and the Emirati's seems to be enthusiastic, warm and genuine.

The Israeli delegation returned today with glowing reports. Both sides are already agreeing to joint space exploration projects. I think that the Emirates may have recently launched a spacecraft to Mars. They appear to be competent. Cooperation could produce some fascinating results.

This is nothing like the cold peace with Jordan and Egypt. Those are actually non-war agreements, which without doubt have saved many lives on both sides, even though there is still much animosity among the Arab populations there against Jews and Israel. With the UAE, it seems to be very different.

It also strongly suggests other, similar agreements with other Arab and Muslim states. Netanyahu has carefully prepared the groundwork for this progress over many years. The efforts are now coming to fruition.

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