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Here are 26 important articles about media bias as it relates to the Middle East conflict

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How Not to Combat Antisemitism by Elkana Shmotkin - from the Rebbe

dehj12356545.png?_i=_n504bc99dd0473598aae3bcdc5d75568d.png What doesn't work to combat antisemitism, compiled by Elkana Shmotkin based on teachings of R Menachem Mendel Schneerson OBM, from Chabad ...
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Empty Words by ICJS Edittors

Empty words on antisemitism from our Australian leaders ...
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Fancy a PhD in Hamas Studies? by Julie Szego The ugly hypocrisy of our universities: With the steadfast refusal to repudiate Hamas, or, worse, the frank celebration thereof, came disinhibited anti-Semitism on campus. One invariably follows from the other. After all, the Hamas terrorist didn’t brag to his parents on October 7 about killing “Zionists,” simply “Jews.” ...
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ABC staff pass no-confidence vote in boss as senior journalist lashes leadership by Michael Bachelard and Calum Jaspan

Lyons said the ABC “faced one of its darkest days” last Tuesday, when this masthead published a series of leaked WhatsApp messages documenting a letter-writing campaign from a group of pro-Israel lawyers targeting Anderson and ABC chair Ita Buttrose, in the lead up to, and on the day of Lattouf’s dismissal. ...
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Pro-Palestinian journos like Antoinette Lattouf fail to do homework on horrors of Hamas by Chris Mitchell

e62b76ca81eff882c914c44fdb06c397.png Israel’s public is so traumatized by Hamas’s attacks on innocent civilians in southern Israel on October 7 that there is no internal pressure for peace. ...
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Mid-East war exposes myth of Israel lobby’s power, influence by Prof Timothy Lynch

1eba7ef29aa4633746af4d4dc58588a2?width=1280.png Critique of John Mearsheimer's (and Walt's) superficial analysis of US Foreign Policy ...
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ABC Managing Director accused of ignoring Jewish leaders’ plea over Q&A by Jenna Clarke

8242b732d7576c2a610ddc147fd59a45?width=1280.png Prominent Jewish leaders have been ignored by the ABC and its managing director David Anderson. ...
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The oilrig of Islamicism by ICJS

oilrig_smaller.png The oil rig of Islamicism ...
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Peace 4 by ICJS

peace4_reduced.png Israel - the only outpost of freedom and democracy in the middle east ...
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Peace and Freedom by ICJS

peace.png Israel wants lasting peace and freedom from mindless terror ...
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Avram - the 1st Jewish Settler by ICJS

avram2_screen.png Avram - The first Jewish settler ...
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Jihad call by preacher in Sydney must be dealt with by Editorial

As the war enters its fifth week, the interests of Gaza’s people and civilized nations in which Jewish citizens play a constructive, important role in economic and community life, will be best served if Israel achieves its objective of to destroy Hamas as soon as possible. ...
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The woke scapegoating of the Jews by Prof Frank Furedi

supernova-funeral-1536x922.png Identity politics has effectively energised and sanitised anti-Semitism. The moral status of Jews has been thoroughly devalued. ...
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Humanitarian Crisis by Rabbi Elisha Greenbaum

A lot of ostensibly well-meaning people have been calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. ...
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Why the silence over anti-Semitism among our doctors? by Sarah B

8fb06358723371fe7b665321d8523636?width=1280.png In the great repository of Jewish law, the Talmud says: “The best doctors are destined for hell.” ...
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Netanyahu fights for political survival by Rory Jones and Anat Peled

c025ce24cb7a1e713bc2842c048c84e1?width=2048.png Israeli prime minister struggles to rally the public to his side after Oct. 7 attacks ...
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Regulator urged to intervene as doctors post increasingly extreme comments online over Gaza by Natasha Robinson

5b39e75f62e2583bb6f1a98933329cfd?width=1280.png Australia’s medical regulator is under pressure to take immediate action to crack down on anti-­Semitic comments being published on social media by doctors who are comparing Jews to Nazis and comparing Gaza to Nazi concentration camps. ...
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Statement by former PMs of Australia by 6 Former Australian Prime ministers

former_pms.png Former PMs Howard Gillard Rudd Morrison Turnbull and Abbott are STILL supporting Israel's war with Hamas ...
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Selective outrage exposes ignorance, contempt for Israel by Claire Lehmann

6fb1f4d6bbbb3732974e28aff6f6252d?width=1280.png A teaser ...
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An Uber ride by Derek Fildebrandt

But now seeing Jewish businesses and people threatened on our streets by overt anti-Semites has compelled me to share a story I haven't spoken of until, now: ...
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Israel’s New Reality by Brian Stewart

2t180m7.png the IDF is properly considered one of the finest (and most humane) militaries in the world. After this terrible onslaught, it’s past time for Israel to vanquish its blood-stained enemies once and for all. A return to the status quo ante is no longer acceptable. Israel must not relent until it achieves the objective of pacifying Gaza so that the days of Hamas endangering Israelis and oppressing Palestinians will never return. ...
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Hamas’s war on Israel: Everything you need to know by Alan Newhouse and Jeremy Stern What is the extent of the attacks? ... Why are people calling this “Israel’s 9/11”? Who carried out these attacks? ... Okay, but doesn’t Israel have settlements in Gaza, and don’t they control the lives of the Palestinians who live there? How could armed terrorists in Jeeps cross Israel’s billion-dollar border fence and massacre hundreds of civilians, take hostages, and bring them back to Gaza? Isn’t the Israeli army supposed to be good at this stuff? ... You’re telling me that a bunch of low-level terrorists in pickup trucks managed to do all of this on their own? ... If Joe Biden strongly supports Israel, as he says, why did he send $16 billion to Iran? Help square that for me. But why attack now? I thought Israel and Saudi Arabia were moving toward peace. So if there was, indeed, a cyberattack, who did it? ... What should the Israelis do now? ... But what about the Palestinians in Gaza? Aren’t they suffering? ...
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