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Open letter to ICJS

This is a response to the American Thinker article we are running Rupert takes on “Pinch”

ICJS has done a good job in alerting fair-minded Australians, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, to the existing pro-Arab bias in the mass media. And who knows, maybe the restraint shown by your organisation helped to win some readership. Perhaps.

However, the aggressiveness, the total lack of restraint and disregard for the objectivity shown by the Arab language outlets and their left-wing allies worldwide, including Australia, has proven to be much more effective in turning public opinion against Eretz Israel. These "professionals" wage war. You conduct civilised debate. You can not win.

As an avid watcher of - and sometime contributor to - the debate about relationships Judaism is forced to have, I think that this simple truth is inescapable - you cannot win the war by methods employed by sane, civilised and humane people. As a humane and civilised person you refrain from showing public hangings in Iran, training children to become suicide bombers in Gaza, public bashing of women in Kabul and many other things , with which we come to associate Islam. These images are disgusting? Yes, they are. Revolting? You bet! Showing them goes against everything you believe in? I'll buy that.

I will not tell you that leaving the propaganda to the enemy almost guarantees your enemy victory. But allowing your enemy to wear white robes of integrity standing on a high moral ground, while allowing your own people to be presented as a villains of peace - even your worst enemies would not expect that. Frankly, however important this mediaquake about Rupert and Pinch is, it cannot take the place of the aggressive unmasking of the aims and practices of barbarians at the gates.

Timidly complaining about the media bias, of course has its place. Not that much place, though. Why don't you stick it up to the bastards, tell them that the Jews are not about to conveniently walk into Mediterranean in orderly columns to drawn there, so that heirs of Yaser can turn the reclaimed and reborn land into a wasteland again! Have cojones,man!

Vladimir Zhabotinsky was quite correct, when he has noted: "Only the steel wall of Jewish bayonets will persuade Arabs to accept the existence of the Jewish State."

French formulated it with even greater brevity: "A la guerre, comme a la guerre."

I hope that we will hear powerful salvos of the Jewish propaganda war instead of pussyfooting around, apologetically explaining that really, we are the good chaps, not the guys in keffiye. Purleese! There is a lot of ammo just waiting to be deployed. Will you deploy it, Ralph?


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