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Open letter to ICJS

This is a response to the American Thinker article we are running Rupert takes on “Pinch”

ICJS has done a good job in alerting fair-minded Australians, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, to the existing pro-Arab bias in the mass media. And who knows, maybe the restraint shown by your organisation helped to win some readership. Perhaps.

However, the aggressiveness, the total lack of restraint and disregard for the objectivity shown by the Arab language outlets and their left-wing allies worldwide, including Australia, has proven to be much more effective in turning public opinion against Eretz Israel. These "professionals" wage war. You conduct civilised debate. You can not win.

As an avid watcher of - and sometime contributor to - the debate about relationships Judaism is forced to have, I think that this simple truth is inescapable - you cannot win the war by methods employed by sane, civilised and humane people. As a humane and civilised person you refrain from showing public hangings in Iran, training children to become suicide bombers in Gaza, public bashing of women in Kabul and many other things , with which we come to associate Islam. These images are disgusting? Yes, they are. Revolting? You bet! Showing them goes against everything you believe in? I'll buy that.

I will not tell you that leaving the propaganda to the enemy almost guarantees your enemy victory. But allowing your enemy to wear white robes of integrity standing on a high moral ground, while allowing your own people to be presented as a villains of peace - even your worst enemies would not expect that. Frankly, however important this mediaquake about Rupert and Pinch is, it cannot take the place of the aggressive unmasking of the aims and practices of barbarians at the gates.

Timidly complaining about the media bias, of course has its place. Not that much place, though. Why don't you stick it up to the bastards, tell them that the Jews are not about to conveniently walk into Mediterranean in orderly columns to drawn there, so that heirs of Yaser can turn the reclaimed and reborn land into a wasteland again! Have cojones,man!

Vladimir Zhabotinsky was quite correct, when he has noted: "Only the steel wall of Jewish bayonets will persuade Arabs to accept the existence of the Jewish State."

French formulated it with even greater brevity: "A la guerre, comme a la guerre."

I hope that we will hear powerful salvos of the Jewish propaganda war instead of pussyfooting around, apologetically explaining that really, we are the good chaps, not the guys in keffiye. Purleese! There is a lot of ammo just waiting to be deployed. Will you deploy it, Ralph?


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Tell us what you think

I agree with Roberta: not only are we not getting our message through, but our leadership is too gutless and cultivated to point out the obvious that our opponents are self-pitying sleeze-bags. Or as Kraft put it in 2006, they are a narcisistic society. MM is wrong to let our leadership off the hook. They have access to the media, we don't. The media ignore our complaints and fail to publish our letters - even the Jewish media is acting as a guardian of the PC front.

Posted by paul2 on 2008-01-24 12:52:25 GMT

Roberta, you are spot on and I agree with all you say. The great challenge facing us is how to most effectively mobilise our resources. And we are supposed to be smart people!! We are not playing on a level playing field.

Posted by Franita on 2008-01-24 00:53:23 GMT

I and my fellow sufferers have been fighting this battle for almost 40 years. We frequently tell each other, "Now we know how the Holocaust happened." There is no "Jewish Leadership" only those seeking photo-ops with prominent people. There is no widely circulated and reliable secular (or even Jewish)newspaper asserting Jewish rights - even Jewish newspapers use Arab (and Far Left )terms such as "hard-line" or "far right" instead of validating and explaining any of the Jewish positions. The vaunted "Jewish Lobby" is a sad joke. Where are their voices calling the division of Jerusalem with murderous Arabs an absolute non-starter? Where are their public statements and news conferences giving the Jewish perspective? Where is their criticism of idiot Olmert? All are "missing in action" while the Arabs' 24/7 media blitz goes unchallenged. Oil money buys a lot of friends and whitewash. Intimidation works just as well. The Arabs have given the world unending pain. We have suffered from their suicide/homicide killings, bombings, rocket attacks, snipers, kidnappings, hijackings/IED's, and their insane rage over cartoons, Buddhist statues, the Pope's statement, Danish movies or teddybear names. Meanwhile, they play the constant victim. For Western civilization, pretense and appeasement are far easier than challenging or criticizing the unending lies and evils of the Arab World. We do "preach to the choir" on the websites - it allows our frustration to vent - but we are not making inroads in the larger public eye - the truth there is still missing. George Orwell's book "1984" predicted that this could happen. I used to think that that book was fiction.

Posted by Rpoberta E. Dzubow on 2008-01-23 17:01:06 GMT

What I do not understand, is how come Australian Jews having at least some connection to some journalists and newspapers, can not get an article (which shows people content as the media likes) such as the one of the Israeli electric grid worker being shelled by Hamas rockets whilst supplying electricity to Gaza and whilst Australian newspaper(s) to a newspaper such as The Age, which "explains" by large articles how israel cuts electricity to Gaza, Plenty of "human interest" type articles appear about the Palestinians in The Age but no such articles about Israelis. This is because they do not "suffer" so much and the "left" always likes to show the suffering caused by so called non left parties. it has to be pointed out that failure of relative suffering by Israelis is due to their better capabilities to avoid such suffering and the presence of Palestinian suffering is largely produced by their own policies. But that sort of thing as we know does not receive grounds for publishing. A "personal" " people" style article like an interview with that electricity worker mentioned above or the article he wrote - should be a better way of getting something to print. Similar personal articles seem to be appreciated no matter from what side. lets start with that one. Some years ago I wrote to 2 Jewish journalists in Australia about doing something about the media as I could not. The response I got was ZERO. When I talked to someone about it who was more in the "know" than I was, I was told "It's no use as no one likes Jews anyway". I do not go along with that but if more influential people than I go along with that ,then we have little hope.

Posted on 2008-01-23 08:24:33 GMT

In my opinion we are merely preaching to each other and achieving nothing other than skill in synchronised head nodding. Islam is winning the war because, in large part it has the backing of government via our wretched "human rights" organisations. The VEO&HRC survived intact despite the "two Dannies" case. Now, under new management it is doing everything but offer a reward to people who will complain about vilification. Meanwhile, the execrable Dr Sisley has moved from the VEO&HRC to RMIT - go to its website and there learn about how much space is given to Islam versus the other religions. We are losing folks. I will contribute money to a campaign that aims to shut down these "human rights" organisations. Until that happens I do not think we can or will achieve a thing.

Posted on 2008-01-23 04:10:28 GMT

I could not agree with Michael G more. We Jews are burdened with "leaders" who think that if they use their logic, their wisdom and their beautiful words long enough, they will get our enemies to see reason. They delude themselves into thinking that pointing out the disgusting behaviour and rhetoric of our enemies, they will not only cut off lines of communication, but unleash forces of hate which will rebound against us. These "leaders" want to be model citizens, so they toe the PC line, which is hostile to Jews and, for that matter, to the values of Western civilisation. Neal Sher put it neatly: US Jews act like guests in their own country. We do the same in Australia. By contrast, Mohammedans act like colonisers and the PC crowd accomodates them! The Jewish "commoners" world wide, and especially in Israel, must depose our cowardly, self- serving professional Jews who are letting down us, their Jewish heritage and Western culture and the few Muslim modernisers.

Posted by paul2 on 2008-01-22 13:06:20 GMT