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Should we prepare for the unimaginable?

Imagine yourself as a journalist from New Zealand coming to Berlin in 1936 to report on the Olympic games. Some Jews approach you to share their horrible concern. They say to you that there is a plan to exterminate millions of Jews in gas chambers. It is quite likely that you report about some lunatic Jews who hassled you with their fantasies and paranoias…

In recent years I have been following the news and their analysis with fear and trepidation. I am an Israeli who since 1997 has lived in Australia and while in Israel was a peace activist. I am not an expert in security matters but as a psychologist I have some understanding of human nature. When I look at the reality with eyes free from the veils of ‘ideals’ or ‘peace hopes’ I believe what is unfolding should terrify the Jewish people and Israel in particular.  Here are some of the trends that I fear are leading to a possible catastrophe:

  1. Suicidal passion to destroy Israel – there is nothing new about the Arab-Muslim desire to remove the cancer of democracy from the heart of their nation. It indeed presents a real danger to their culture. What’s new is the willingness of the Muslim leadership to sacrifice the lives life of millions of their people in order to solve once and for all the Zionist problem. “What is 15 million in a nation of 1.2 billion?!” argued the Iranian supreme leader.
  2. Promotion of martyrdom - The idea of martyrdom is well indoctrinated into the minds of children as young as 3 years old. Mothers and wives who lost their men for the Jihad are encouraged to celebrate rather than grieve. To my knowledge it is probably the first time in the history of mankind that death has become a desired solution not just for a weird cult, but for an increasingly large part of the Muslim’s world who crave the dream of paradise. Their numbers are growing by the minute thanks to an effective system of religious incitement and exploitation of women. Muslim women are treated as machines in the war of Jihad. They are the factories that produce the martyrs for the holy war. Poor and oppressed women whose natural pro-life instincts and empathy are tamed by brainwashing of fear and hatred. 
  3. Islamic atomic bomb – such a bomb already exists in Pakistan and their main scientist has admitted he has shared his knowledge with other nations. Iran is progressing in its nuclear arms project that takes place deep under the ground of its deserts. The scariest moment will come when their promises to stop the project appease a tired and unresolved West. With the right passion and right technology it is hard to see what is going to stop some fanatic Muslims from committing the suicide act.
  4. Israel’s failures to prevent attacks - sadly, the last war against Hezbolla in Lebanon demonstrates what has now become a pattern: Israel works effectively to regain the initiative when attacked but fails to prevent the first strike. It happened in 1973, during in the first Gulf war in 1991 and  in the terror attacks from 2000 to 2004. One should ask how an army that failed to prevent thousands of rockets from being hid and launched only 2-3 km across its northern border with Lebanon could prevent a missile or a warplane from dropping the bomb. Israeli authorities have shown themselves incapable of providing the vigilance, intelligence capability and discipline needed to protect their people 
  5. Israel’s poor resolve in defending its citizens – when you watch how hard the Israelis are trying to justify their actions to the world media you can’t help but feeling how pathetic, defensive and whinging they sound. In the battle against freedom fighters that use their children as human shields and against the cameras of the BBC, Israel doesn’t stand a chance. The Israelis would have tried hard to justify themselves even if told that Germans suffered more then Jews in the second world war because their were 10 million dead Germans and only 6 million Jews. I am afraid that when the danger of the bomb becomes palpable the Israelis will debate the moral aspects of pre-emptive strike or how such an action would be seen by the rest of the world. Israel will ultimately sacrifice its life in order to appease its conscience and its self-image. Once again the Jews will gain their place of honour as the victims in this world. Many Jews will certainly love this status that sits with their image as self-righteous more comfortably then using power and force.
  6. Explosive mix of deception, denial and confusion – very few in the west are aware of how Muslims perceive deception as a valid and essential strategy in their holy war. (to educate yourself you may want to Google Islam, Deception). Once you understand that, the exploitation of the TV cameras, spreading lies and manipulation of public opinion make perfect sense. Deception can be effective if it is met by complacent and ignorant people in a prosperous culture that prefers to deny the danger rather than confront it. Just as people didn’t read Mein Kamf in the 30’s they don’t read the Koran today and don’t follow the sermons in Mosques throughout the Muslim world.  Even the 5 tenets (“pillars”) of Islam people don’t know. Add to this a bit of confusion as to what is right and what is wrong (moral relativism) and you get an explosive development.
  7. Weakening of America’s resolve – America is failing in its ambitious plan to bring democracy to the Muslim world. The people in the West don’t see the promised results of this hopeless situation and they are tired of the “conflict in the middle East”. The next leadership might choose to adopt a less ambitious policy and withdraw altogether from the struggle.
  8. Strengthening of the Left – as America is losing in the hopeless battle to democratise Islam, the left wing voice in Europe, the media and academia is growing louder. Now we are likely to have governments with “pro-peace” policies. Softly spoken and gentle leaders will speak to us from TV screens about peace and harmony. Oh, we will love their message of faith, tolerance and “peace in our time”. This is the girl in red that the wolf has been waiting for. They have recently met in Iran: the head of the organization that won Peace Nobel prize  - Koffi Anan – came out of a meeting with Iran’s leader and denounced the… denial of the holocaust. Not a word about the publicly stated intention to wipe Israel off the map.
  9. The old strategy  - Muslim leaders with the support of Europe will use the same method that was used successfully some 70 years ago: demand the world to appease the monster by letting her swallow the Jews, or Israel in this case. As then so today, I believe that a scared world will collaborate with such a desire that will promise to solve once and for all the Muslims’ anger. As then so today they will say they never imagined what could have happened…   

Is there any hope?

Ironically, our best hope is the Mulsims themselves. If they increase their acts of hatred and suicide attacks against people in the West it is more likely that people will sober up in time to confront this culture before it is too late. Ultimately only if we succeed in liberating the Muslim woman so that she can love her children more than hate the infidels can we move the whole culture from pro death to pro life. Will their sisters in the West support that?!. I doubt that.

The other hope is that the Muslim world goes through the revolution we had some 5 centuries ago, that is, separating religion from state and secularise their life. The respect for basic human rights will have to come through some kind of a bitter conflict or a civil war within this community. Well, they have not yet started even some kind of intellectual debate over this matter.

How should we prepare?

  • First we need to discuss “underground” this possibility since no one would dare to publish such a discussion. The Internet provides a good way to do so.
  • Second, Israel should make clear statements to the Muslim’s neighbours as to the horrific consequences if attacked. Such a horror may get some sane leaders to pressure the insane ones. 
  • Third, Jews and Israelis need to prepare their actions for the aftermath of such a possible catastrophe. If and what kind of Israel we want to re-build? Should we remove from Israel all Islamic population and symbols? Should we pressure our government to absorb Israelis who run away for their life?

Well, the truth is that at this point my wild imagination can’t carry on because the pain is too hard.

Hagai Avisar

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