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The Jews are to blame

UPDATE IV: Thoughts of the former editor-in-chief of The Age, Michael Gawenda:

Caroline, I think the real question here is what publication of this article says about the prevailing journalistic culture at The Age. The apology is a non-apology really. It apologises for the hurt it caused some people, especially Jews. This is a clayton’s apology--the sort, for instance, that Wayne Carey once offered up when he apologied for grabbing a young woman’s breast.

The apology states that The Age does not hold the views expressed in the article. I assume The Age publishes many oped pieces that do not express the views of The Age.

What this apology seems to be aimed at doing is limit the damage to the paper from the publication of this piece. What I want to know is how it came to be published and how The Age has reached the point where racist rubbish like this gets published. And what the new editor in chief intends to do about changing this culture.

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The old addage "Evil happens when good people turn a blind eye" is particularly appropriate here. One would have hoped that the Age"s position would be that this level of bigotry is unacceptable, and those responsible are also accountable. The behind closed doors message may be "don"t do it again", or perhaps even "great article but it won"t be well-received by the public for a little while longer" ... who knows? Whatever it is, it is clearly the mildest of wrist slaps, if that ... a wink-wink-nudge-nudge tolerance of the worst that antisemitism has offered verbally over the ages and right into this Age. Perhaps it"s up to advertisers, especially Jewish ones, to vote with their feet, and move their support and dollars to a credible newspaper like the Australian, one that doesn"t exhibit a pattern of anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish invective.

Posted by Morry on 2009-01-21 02:49:34 GMT

WOuld they publish a piece from the KKK? The NeoNazis? The Muslim Brotherhood? Because that"s what this piece sounded like. It"s not about "offending" people -- it"s about peddling the evil lies of the Protocols of Zion. The "Palestinians" won"t "make friend" with the Jews because their religion tells them the Jews must be totally dominated and humiliated, if they live in a SHaria state, or dead if they refuse.

Posted on 2009-01-21 02:41:44 GMT

Australia, you are not alone among the nations of bigots, a recycled 2000 years old fashion has become once again in vogue, its practioners learned in mecca, York, Berlin and Damascus how to apply it. Australia is but a late comer.

Posted by A.R on 2009-01-20 17:27:03 GMT