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Antisemitism: The Age sinks to new low on front page

ANTI-SEMITISM: The Age sinks to new low in bizarre front-page attack on Jewish businessman

The Melbourne Age newspaper has stunned and appalled the Jewish community today by confecting a scandal about the fact that the Prime Minister’s partner works for a Jewish businessman Albert Dadon.

It inaccurately describes Albert as an “Israel lobbyist” which suggests he is paid to promote Israel. That’s simply not correct and conveys a false impression.

Dadon is an investor, in property and many other things and was the Chair of Melbourne’s international Jazz Festival and created the Australia Israel Leadership Forum, which we assume he modelled on the Australian-American Leadership Dialogue formed by Phil Scanlon.

We have never read Scanlon described as a “pro-American lobbyist.”

Indeed, we understand that the editor of the Age, Paul Ramadge, has previously put much effort into duchessing Mr Dadon in an attempt to rescue that newspaper’s reputation in Melbourne’s Jewish community which increasingly regards it as an apologist for misogynist and racist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah that are sworn to Israel’s destruction.

Sources tell VEXNEWS that Dadon went to some effort to encourage The Age to open its eyes to both sides of the story in the Middle East and that a member of The Age’s staff was invited to attend Australia Israel Leadership Forum events, including one in Israel.

Ramadge endorsed this and went to some trouble to undo the damage done by his predecessor Andrew Jaspan whose attacks on Israel seemed to know no decent bounds.

That reputation will be confirmed by today’s breathtakingly anti-semitic attack that deems all Jews to be  “pro-Israel lobbyists”.

 The story was based around a letter from a retired and grouchy Arabist crank, Ross Burns which prompted a page seven story in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Naturally the Age put it on the front-page and beat it up within an inch of its life.

We have previously written of the fact that Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has a real problem with anti-Israel bias. Ross Burns, a career diplomat who was given many sweet plum Ambassador appointments, is a perfect embodiment of this.

Burns has now retired into the comfort of superannuation and is completing a PhD at Macquarie University on archaeology in Syria. He very frequently visits Syria. He has a keen interest in its antiquities and ancient ruins.

He has a long history of blowing anti-semitic dog-whistles against Israel, with a steady stream of cranky letters to the editor, speeches, appearances on an appreciative ABC and so on.

His latest suggests that because Julia Gillard’s partner works for a Jewish businessman that she is therefore incapable of making up her own mind about foreign policy matters relating to Israel.

This is about as low as it gets. Where will this obscenity end? Will The Age’s Jewish employees soon be subjected to tests to ensure they are not “pro-Israel lobbyists.”

As for Burns, he is an old crank, who is just running out his private hatreds of Israel in public view, for his private benefit. No doubt he’s prominent on the wily Syrian Ambassador’s invitation list to sip on Johnny Blue in the wee hours. He’s an angry old man who is entitled to peddle his nasty views.

But The Age has a greater responsibility than that.

And when journalists wonder why we will celebrate the imminent demise of this newspaper, this is why. Many journalists worry about what most regard as the Age’s inevitable end.

Two newspapers in a city are better than one, as a general proposition. Certainly better for journalists at both publications. Competition is a force for good, for consumers too.

But The Age’s sickening effort today reveals it not to be a force for good in any respect.

The newspaper’s revenues are in freefall, its employees facing further redundancies, its circulation numbers rigged, the shares of parent company the most shorted in the entire stock market.

Its end is nigh. And we’ll be dancing in the streets when that day finally comes.

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I have written to Paul Ramadge about the anti-Semitic rantings his editorial authority permits. The Age isn"t worth the paper it is printed on.

Posted by Henri Korn on 2010-07-01 10:31:19 GMT

Well I live in Caulfield and am happy to report that three of my four neighbors could not supply me with an AGE because they have moved to the Australian. I found it hard to find a copy last night.

Posted by Ralph Zwier on 2010-06-30 04:44:52 GMT

Notwithstanding Fairfax far left wing Doctrine which includes anti Israel anti America attitude the staff at Fairfax are comfortable demonizing Israel, Zionists and Jews knowing full well they are safe and sound. Imagine if they spent the same amount of effort demonizing Arabs and Muslims they would end up like journalists and cartoonists in EU either in hiding or requiring armed guards. Unfortunately for Jews [ that is non left wing Jews ] the far left doctrine supports Islam and the Arabs even though they treat their women, Gays etc like shit.. go figure?

Posted on 2010-06-30 04:40:39 GMT

My greatest disappointment is that so many Jews continue to buy the Age even knowing and reading their constant Anti-Semitic and Anti-Israel articles. This also includes members of my family. I only hope that they see my comments.

Posted by David Wise on 2010-06-30 04:20:22 GMT

Why isn"t the Jewish community making a complaint to the Press Council. It is not fair comment to insinuate that because the PM"s partner is employed by a pro-Zionist, the PM will formulate policy favouring Israel"s interests over Australia"s. It is but a short step from demanding dissociation from Zionists to dissociation from Jews, unless of course they are against Israel. No such loyalty test is expected of any segment of our society, not even those who would harm Australians. The dog whistling is not anti-Israel bias of Foreign Affairs, but an antisemitic undercurrent. And finally, we should not be waiting for the chance to dance in the streets at The Age"s demise, we should be demonstrating there to help advance that joyful day.

Posted by paul2 on 2010-06-29 13:07:22 GMT

Why so surprised? The left has always been seen as a greater friend of Jewry but they are not. The Bolshevics were not and the left is not today. Jews who care for freedom should be supporting the advocates of Western civilisation and the principle of individual rights. They should eschew all variants of collectivism.

Posted by Malcolm S on 2010-06-29 12:42:22 GMT

I wonder why The Age don"t spend the same amount of time exposing Palestinian Lobbyists Sonja Karkar, Michael Shaik, Moaamar Mashni and Mahwer Muhgrabi along with MP Julia Irwins Australian Parliamentary Friends of Palestine . It appears to the lefty s only the Arabs are expected to have lobbyists.

Posted by Michael. on 2010-06-29 11:14:50 GMT