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Green preferences

Download Amended Labor Senate ticket

Download Amended Coalition Senate ticket

We are caught in the middle of an election, and although ICJS is non-partisan we feel it necessary to draw our readers' attention to the following.

Israel has made incredible strides in water conservation, soil conservation, sustainable energy programs, protecting the environment: all ostensibly key issues for the Greens. The Greens Party here in Australia however, chooses to ignore all of this, preferring instead to call for investigations into Israel's conduct at every opportunity, and to generally blame Israel for the problems in the Middle East.

If you are a Labor or Coalition voter, you should be aware that each of the major parties gives preferences to the Greens.

In simplified English, each of the parties is saying to the public "If I can't get in, I'd rather the Green candidate gets in than my rival in the other major party". This strategy empowers the Greens and will increase the number of seats they hold in the Senate.

We have altered. and uploaded the Labor and Coalition how to vote cards for the Senate in Victoria to effectively put the Greens at the bottom.

Links to these PDF files show how to vote in the Victorian Senate without giving your preferences to the Greens. Click on Amended Amended Labor Senate ticket or Amended Coalition Senate ticket.

Look to see where the Green candidate has been placed in your party's how-to-vote card, and if it is not at the very end (ie the highest numbered preference), you should override your party's how-to-vote card and place the greens at the end.

Below is an Advertisement from this week's Jewish News saying much the same from the Labor side, but be aware that this happens on BOTH sides of politics.


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