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Knesset review of PA textbooks used in UNWRA schools confirms: Jewish rights never acknowledged.

mapThe textbooks used in UNRWA-funded schools never acknowledge and Jewish rights in “Palestine”, nor any Jewish past in the Land of Israel, said Dr. Arnon Groiss, a respected expert in the promotion of Tolerance in Education at a briefing in the Knesset reviewing the Palestinian Authority Textbooks used in UNWRA schools.

Israel is almost never shown on any map and no city is ever identified as a Jewish city, he said, reiterating the extensive history of Anti-Israel propaganda in Arab textbooks.

The funding for the schools are provided by Western countries, led by the US, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Australia and others.

"Israel is delegitimized, and demonized in these texts and no peaceful solution to Arab-Israel conflict is ever discussed', Groiss noted, adding, "The rights of 4.5 million Palestinians around the world is heavily promoted." The event was chaired by David Bedein, Director of the Near East Policy Research Center.

Associate Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, who was also in attendence, said, "There is so much to be gained from providing an education to young Palestinians, that paves the way for peace between two people, that is unfortunately not being promoted in Palestinian textbooks currently used in both Gaza and the West Bank."

"As far as the narrative presented in many of these books, there were two ‘occupations’, the post-1967 war occupation of the west Bank and Gaza and the 1948 ‘occupation’ of the territory called the State of Israel. This isn't a prescription for peace but for more tragedy, more violence and G-d forbid, more war," said Rabbi Cooper.

Diplomats from Egypt, Canada, UK, and Norway were also in attendance.

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