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3 Israelis murdered in Palestinian terror attack

A Palestinian terrorist shot and killed an Israeli Border Policeman and two civilian guards outside the Israeli community of Har Adar. A fourth Israeli was hospitalized and is now in moderate condition. The Palestinian was killed by responding security forces.

According to media reports, the 37-year-old Palestinian, Nimer Mahmoud Ahmad Jabbar, was a father of four from a nearby village and had a permit to work in Har Adar. After arousing the suspicion of the guards, Jabbar pulled out a pistol, hitting his victims at close range.

The dead were identified as 20-year-old Border Police Staff Sergeant Solomon Gabrieh of Be’er Yaakov, and civilian security guards Youssef Othman of Abu Ghosh and Or Arish of Har Adar. The injured Israeli, Amit Steinhart, 33, of Har Adar, is being treated in Hadassah En Kerem Hospital.

Har Adar, located about 15 km west of Jerusalem, lies on the edge of the Green Line.

More on the attack at the Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel, Ynet, Haaretz and Israel HaYom.

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Har Adar 3

Or Arish, Solomon Gabrieh and Youssef Othman, killed in today’s Palestinian terror attack at Har Adar.

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