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Williamson sacked over his ‘pattern of behaviour’ — they should look at Corbyn too: he’s up to his neck in antisem

Chris Williamson was caught saying Labour was 'too apologetic' about its widespread anti-Semitism but Corbyn secretly agrees with him.

JEREMY Corbyn finally abandoned all pretence to be purging his party of racism by failing to sack Chris Williamson MP.

After a day-long dither, Labour has reluctantly suspended him.

Chris Williamson was caught claiming Labour was 'too apologetic' about its widespread anti-Semitism

If Labour really acted after reviewing Williamson’s 'pattern of behaviour', they should see Corbyn’s

Williamson may be an odious liar who shames Parliament. A man who backs Venezuela’s socialist tyrant even as he starves his people. A man now caught claiming Labour was “too apologetic” about its widespread anti-Semitism.

But his leader secretly agrees with him. If Labour really acted after reviewing Williamson’s “pattern of behaviour”, they should see Corbyn’s.

He is up to his neck in anti-Semitism. It comes so naturally it has apparently never occurred to him he’s racist. The same goes for the Momentum mob who cheered on Williamson’s Jew-baiting.

Anti-Semites and extremist cranks have poured into Labour since one of their own became leader in 2015.

And it is clear — from the whitewash report that secured Shami Chakrabarti her shameful peerage, to yesterday’s reluctance over Williamson — that the party just doesn’t care.

Some decent MPs have quit already. Others need the same guts.

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